A Walk To Embrace



Your Childhood is a mirror from the past that reflects to you your image of today. While I was staying at my ancestral home, I decided to take a walk down memory lane. Though most of the house has been renovated to meet changing times and needs, what remains from the past invokes in me nostalgia and a warmth that I makes this walk a bundle of joy.


Was that supposed to be a secret chamber? I do not know. I do manage to find something amazing every time I look into it. Must be some sort of treasure box that never fails to surprise me.

1 (10)
I can’t imagine how it used to be when it was built. As far as I can remember, it has always been the same. A withering wall and an unattended window.  The part of the house to which it forms a wall is probably as unattended as the wall.
1 (2)

A black cat by a black window sill. Inauspicious eh? This cat sure hasn’t got anything to the past years. Its barely a year old, I suppose. It does remind me of the house cat before this one which lived for over 14 long years.

1 (9)
Yet another window. This one, even more so unattended that the previous. No window flaps, no sliding windows. Wooden grills, none attached my nails or rivets. Brings over a feel of security.


It wouldn’t be fair for me to post photos of details of the newer parts of the same house. Would take away the feel, in any. Its alright to take a walk down memory lane, just don’t stay there, right? Cherish the beauty of it, learn about yourself and carve the future.  Destiny or not, you always get to decide where you will be heading and how, you just have to look, listen and feel the door knocks and door bells.. Or maybe a tap at the window.


Till Next Time

Keep Smiling



7 thoughts on “A Walk To Embrace

  1. It frankly reminded me of one of those Ruskin bond stories. Its really amazing when some one sees beauty in everything around them. i loved every bit of it especially the cat on the window. good to see you in word press. you have a unique sense of expressing everything and i love it. keep writing, will be waiting for your next one :).

  2. A photowalk! How awesome was that now 🙂
    I have been wanting to do that since forever. Unfortunately people around me would rather go for a walk in the malls.
    Meet up, in the near future okay? 😀

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