Tell Me Who


Tell Me Why- books have enlightened and left the younger me in awe more than any classroom session ever could. Just as I see the old copy given to me by my UKG  teacher sitting intact in its place in its ripe old age, A virtual, thought provoking rubber ball is thrown at me; Tell Me Who? Who am I? Who are you?

Thanks to the Theory of Relativity, answering the question isn’t as painfully hard.

TV  series are an integreal part of all of our lives. We laugh with them, we rant with them, we wait for them and we cry with them. We might as well look at ourselves as them.

I think of Modern Family and tell myself that I am a combination of Claire and Luke, obsessively compulsive at times and incredibly stupid at some other point. I see Friends and think I am Monica to a certain extent, stubborn yet understating. The Sipmsons make me feel like I were Lisa Simpson.

And then it starts clearing out; The Big Bang Theory. We’re all of them. All of us!

Dr. Sheldon Cooper : You wouldn’t agree, but hey, we all do have a bit of him in us. We like things our way. We like getting out things getting done by others. We are all adamant. At least at some point, we have told ourselves that we are mightier than others and that My Way is The High Way.  Getting irritated when one doesn’t seem to understand you is natural too. Sure he is the extremes of it all, maybe we are a diluted Sheldon.

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter: A little lame at times and yet sensible. We do give in and times and explode when our limits are tested. Being open to new ideas and yet keeping in touch with his nerdy self, Leonard is an adorable character. All of us can be adorable once a while, right? At least most of us any way.

Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali: We are have a side of us that thoroughly enjoys the self. A phobia or inability is inevident. We do game on our own weakenesses at times too. Koothappali tells  how any intelligent, hard working person can manage to have a personal self that’s so relaxed and fun loving. A little over the top, once a while, perhaps.

Howard Wolowitz: We can all be annoying. In fact, we do manage to annoy ourselves too, unless of course you are one hell of a snob. We love attention, the right attention, we all have a child within. An achiever rests within all of us.

We’re all of them in addition to serveral other characters including ourselves. the magnitude of each of the; Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard vary, the proportions are not constant. Yet, we are each one of them. At least, I found myself in them.


 Till Next Time

Laugh Your Heart Out



4 thoughts on “Tell Me Who

  1. “Diluted Sheldon”! good one! 🙂 even Ross Geller is a note worthy geek when it comes to dinosaurs! 😀

    umm, you’ve forgotten penny! i can imagine why or why not, but i would rather you answer that. 😛

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