Another day more. Just one more day and then back to college, classes rather. THE FINAL YEAR! Oh how I have been waiting for this. It isn’t about the seniority. To me, it is more about my engineering course coming to an end. I have been warned by many that I shouldn’t be wishing for this year to end at the soonest and that I will miss it once it is done, all I could do, is hope for just that.  

This two month long  vacation has been a little bit of everything: Drama, fun, boredom, joblessness, absolute chaos, peace of mind, mind in pieces, travel, thinking, working, worrying, wondering, family, friends, feelings, shopping… A lot.


This post is a wake call to myself.

Another year of learning awaits. Technical, non-technical, social; there is never any deficiency of courses and sources to learn and learn from. Another year of improving. Another year of goofing around. Another year of Another year of school and hopefully more. I want it to be the best of its kind so far.


I need your wishes. Thank you.




Now that’s a reminder for you.

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



Little Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

Little lanterns filled with wishes and desires. Little lanterns on perfection. Little lanterns to light up your day.


Walking bear foot on wet grass. The coolness and the sense that induces a sense of warmth within you.


A bar of chocolate in the right solid state. Not hard, demanding you to chew it, neither gooey and sticky to the wrapper. Just the right semi solid phase necessary to melt into your mouth.


Warm towels. Fresh, fluffy, folded towels.


Large mirrors. Huge mirrors mounted on walls can never stop fascinating anyone. A toddler to me to you.


When a video loads with absolutely no buffering.

You are traveling in a local bus and the bus starts playing one of your favourite songs, plus the bus or surroundings are calm enough to let you enjoy the track. (Too much to ask for?)


When an old joke makes you smile ear to ear in public and you don’t receive awkward stares.


Cooking something absolutely delicious when you least expect it.



Looking out of the window and seeing something beautiful that you never noticed before.


When people you thought are nice turn out to be amazing, priceless,


When someone asks ‘Guess what?’ and actually allows you guess.


Peeling off an orange wholly, effortlessly.


This could go on.



Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


Decipher Me Not

‘When a girl says ‘What?’, it isn’t because she didn’t hear you. She is giving you another chance to change your stand.’ For the love of chocolate! Spare her sense of hearing.


‘What a girl wants; Sweet good morning texts.’ Wrong. She would love it if you sponsored her world tour, shopping adventures and not try too hard to understand.


With the predominant male (and a minority of the female) population claiming to have figured out all that women mean to say when they tell something, I have a great laugh every time I read. Sure, women aren’t as blunt in speech or extroverts as men, well, I am not generalizing, most, perhaps. Neither are all men the kind who speak their heart out. But that’s how it is supposed to be. Wouldn’t it all be an absolute bore if everyone framed every thought in pure simple word? No sarcasm. No metaphors. Would be such a waste of language and vocabulary.


Oh well, enough with the philosophy and beating around the bush. I wanted to share this photo. It should make things clear. 😀 




Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



Whom Did You Find?

 Adolescence can be confusing. It can be way too good to some and outright cruel to some others. Well, at least that’s what it makes you think.  It all begins with the shift from primary school to higher primary. From pencils to writing with ink pens. At some places, from shorts to full pants for guys. For many girls, it is the journey from cute little hair bands to long plaits and bouncy pony tails. Amidst all this, lays the gullible souls; the head, the mind and oh hey, the heart.  You know adolescence had hit you when your mind started wandering meaninglessly and made you the centre of all social issues and you being the target, of course. Your hair looks horrible while everyone else has such good hair days every day. Well, I am exaggerating. I, personally, didn’t experience such dilemma besides the drama happening around, I did get hear all this from the ones whom I dealt with everyday. I owe all that mental peace and evenings that weren’t spent gossiping on the phone to one of my dearest of friends; books.  Not that I was anti social or didn’t mingle around, oh I did. I did sit and chat about people and not-people with my classmates during the breaks and on the school bus. Occasionally, we would hang out or grab a bite too. Just that I didn’t bother comparing myself with the ones engulfing me all day long and hence felt less miserable.

Books, I best buddies. The library smelt of heaven to me. The silence was sweet music. Running my fingers through rows of neatly stacked books made me smile ear to ear. I would read them for hours at a stretch. I was whole heartedly willing to not go out shopping with the family so that I would be able to complete the book, the curiosity was a better driving force than any 20 cylinder diesel engine. Home work could wait, TV shows could wait, novels couldn’t. The library would allow us borrow books for a week but I would have read mine within a couple of days and be back way before time. There were books that I re-borrowed/issued for a couple of weeks too; Wings Of Fire by Dr. Kalam being the first of that kind, I clearly remember. There was Nancy Drew, there were Goosebumps, there was Swaminathan from Malgudi, there were silly love stories that didn’t quite please me always, there were adventures by Enid Blyton, there were classics, there were magazines, there was the never disappointing newspaper, there were mysteries, there were comic, I could just go on! With time, I began reading bigger books, bigger in terms of literature and depth. Books with more meaning, books that  moved me, books that made me ponder, books that built pretty cottages for themselves in my soul, books that influenced me and books that made, above all, a happy person. Books were and still are my virtual medium to teleport to wherever it decides to take me.  If there is anything that books do not do, it is disappoint. If they ever do let you down, it is only because you expected too much out of it. Back then, books were my mode to escape from what could have been unpleasant, a savior. As days and years passed by,  they became a part and parcel of me.



For me, they are books. What is your escape route?

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


Indifferent Insaan

It is soothing being indifferent. That’s what I tried to convince myself when I skipped news channels within fractions of seconds and switched to MTV. But I happen to be human and I went back and tuned to the news. Somehow, watching the news makes me guilty and angry. The calamities, the tragedies. The crime, the injustice. The blame game, the riots. And I sit here typing about it. Such a shame. 

I am not inhuman. I do do my bit of good deeds whenever and wherever possible. I am sure all of you do. Maybe it by working on the self or towards anyone else’s betterment. It just isn’t good enough.

Me being a good person wouldn’t mean I can walk fearlessly on the street after 10 PM wearing whatever pleases me, that would be me being stupid. I want to be able to walk freely in the light, in the dark, wander into the far far east and the wild wild east. Even when I do, my common sense that compels me to be aware makes me feel like this very street that I walk with such carefree ease in the morning, is now no better than a haunted jungle. Thank you, mentally retarded beings who are present in plenty all around this pretty world. Your petty thoughts and you could set yourself on fire and water would be pleased to act as kerosene. So easy for me to say, right.

You being a sensible person won’t mean that our leaders are going to stop throwing dirt at the opposition to make themselves appear as the divine ones.  You could share all the photos insulting the ones you do not support and post statuses about the leader you think is the most suitable, deep down, even you know that it is not helping us combat corruption, poverty or humanity.


As I type this, the optimistic me kept looking for a brighter side, there simply doesn’t seem to be one.  Now how hopeless is that. If there is anything that can substitute nothing, for the betterment of it, is has to be hope. Hope is the only form of mental miracle we can count on.  Doing our share, first towards ourselves and then against all external evil, only then we earn the right to hope, else it would be expecting and expectations and merely the past tense of disappointment. Throw those wrappers in the dust bin. Work hard, work smart, not treacherously, Treat each other with respect. Voice your opinions wherever necessary, whenever necessary. Do not bully anyone, ever. Oh yes, easy for me to type bleh bleh bleh. But know what? Easier for all of us to practice.


Till Next Time

Stay healthy, stay hopeful.