Indifferent Insaan

It is soothing being indifferent. That’s what I tried to convince myself when I skipped news channels within fractions of seconds and switched to MTV. But I happen to be human and I went back and tuned to the news. Somehow, watching the news makes me guilty and angry. The calamities, the tragedies. The crime, the injustice. The blame game, the riots. And I sit here typing about it. Such a shame. 

I am not inhuman. I do do my bit of good deeds whenever and wherever possible. I am sure all of you do. Maybe it by working on the self or towards anyone else’s betterment. It just isn’t good enough.

Me being a good person wouldn’t mean I can walk fearlessly on the street after 10 PM wearing whatever pleases me, that would be me being stupid. I want to be able to walk freely in the light, in the dark, wander into the far far east and the wild wild east. Even when I do, my common sense that compels me to be aware makes me feel like this very street that I walk with such carefree ease in the morning, is now no better than a haunted jungle. Thank you, mentally retarded beings who are present in plenty all around this pretty world. Your petty thoughts and you could set yourself on fire and water would be pleased to act as kerosene. So easy for me to say, right.

You being a sensible person won’t mean that our leaders are going to stop throwing dirt at the opposition to make themselves appear as the divine ones.  You could share all the photos insulting the ones you do not support and post statuses about the leader you think is the most suitable, deep down, even you know that it is not helping us combat corruption, poverty or humanity.


As I type this, the optimistic me kept looking for a brighter side, there simply doesn’t seem to be one.  Now how hopeless is that. If there is anything that can substitute nothing, for the betterment of it, is has to be hope. Hope is the only form of mental miracle we can count on.  Doing our share, first towards ourselves and then against all external evil, only then we earn the right to hope, else it would be expecting and expectations and merely the past tense of disappointment. Throw those wrappers in the dust bin. Work hard, work smart, not treacherously, Treat each other with respect. Voice your opinions wherever necessary, whenever necessary. Do not bully anyone, ever. Oh yes, easy for me to type bleh bleh bleh. But know what? Easier for all of us to practice.


Till Next Time

Stay healthy, stay hopeful.



6 thoughts on “Indifferent Insaan

  1. awesome and sensible,.,.,Things that we aren’t able to do now, will be done later in future when we can, and that future can be made by working on the present, so technically speaking, there is still hope 🙂

  2. The problem is we have been indifferent for too long. Not even indifferent, we have just been like this should be done, that should be done. We stop right there. And then make a mental note of being careful. Yes, hope is always there that things change.

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