Little Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

Little lanterns filled with wishes and desires. Little lanterns on perfection. Little lanterns to light up your day.


Walking bear foot on wet grass. The coolness and the sense that induces a sense of warmth within you.


A bar of chocolate in the right solid state. Not hard, demanding you to chew it, neither gooey and sticky to the wrapper. Just the right semi solid phase necessary to melt into your mouth.


Warm towels. Fresh, fluffy, folded towels.


Large mirrors. Huge mirrors mounted on walls can never stop fascinating anyone. A toddler to me to you.


When a video loads with absolutely no buffering.

You are traveling in a local bus and the bus starts playing one of your favourite songs, plus the bus or surroundings are calm enough to let you enjoy the track. (Too much to ask for?)


When an old joke makes you smile ear to ear in public and you don’t receive awkward stares.


Cooking something absolutely delicious when you least expect it.



Looking out of the window and seeing something beautiful that you never noticed before.


When people you thought are nice turn out to be amazing, priceless,


When someone asks ‘Guess what?’ and actually allows you guess.


Peeling off an orange wholly, effortlessly.


This could go on.



Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



6 thoughts on “Little Lanterns

  1. you mean *bare foot 😛
    bar of chocolate & large mirrors – so much YES!
    Also, saying something and having understood completely without having to explain in detail; playing music on shuffle and the next song perfectly suits your mood; perfectly hot cup of coffee; and when you give some advice to someone and it actually helps them or when you console someone and they actually feel better… priceless!
    The list is, indeed, endless!

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