Another day more. Just one more day and then back to college, classes rather. THE FINAL YEAR! Oh how I have been waiting for this. It isn’t about the seniority. To me, it is more about my engineering course coming to an end. I have been warned by many that I shouldn’t be wishing for this year to end at the soonest and that I will miss it once it is done, all I could do, is hope for just that.  

This two month long  vacation has been a little bit of everything: Drama, fun, boredom, joblessness, absolute chaos, peace of mind, mind in pieces, travel, thinking, working, worrying, wondering, family, friends, feelings, shopping… A lot.


This post is a wake call to myself.

Another year of learning awaits. Technical, non-technical, social; there is never any deficiency of courses and sources to learn and learn from. Another year of improving. Another year of goofing around. Another year of Another year of school and hopefully more. I want it to be the best of its kind so far.


I need your wishes. Thank you.




Now that’s a reminder for you.

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



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