A Little More About Me

Every year, the Placement and Training Dept. of our college organizes a Freshers’ Orientation Program for the first year students right as the enter our college. The intention being to familiarize them briefly with the functioning of the college, allow them get to know each other a little better, to make it easy for them to approach their seniors; In short, for their well being as freshers in the campus.  When I was in the first year, I came along with most of the students but was put into the ‘H’ section and we with section ‘I’ were asked to wait for another two sections for our orientation to happen and sadly, it never did. Somehow, I never volunteered for FOP until this year. This year I did. the intake was higher than ever and the crowd was obviously very huge. Thanks to the training provided by our Counselor, we could carry out all activities neatly. It was an amazing experience. i so wish I would have done this earlier too. The juniors did remind me of myself, a little less than three years back; a little naive, a little nervous, very excited and very very curious. And hey, our these this year was comic characters, so double yaay! 😀

In addition to the planned activities, I had to address the juniors on an issue which some would consider to be a little sensitive. Here is my 2 minute long speech. I am very keen on knowing your opinions about the same.


It went like this:


Hello everybody. I am Shivali from final year Mechanical engineering. I will be sharing a few words on the topic ‘Boy Girl Relations In College’.

You’re now a part of a profession college. Things aren’t all play anymore. This is where you learn, enjoy, experience a bit of everything and above all, makes friends for life, from your own gender and the opposite.

While your guy friends will keep you updated about the happenings in an around college, the girls will be your saviours during exams with important questions. When a guy friend shows you the fun part of any activity,  female friends will warn to about the possible risks involved. When a girl is about to give up on something because it is too hard to accomplish, a guy will come up with a solution as smart and simple as it could be.

Friendship sees no gender.

And then there are relationships. ‘A little more than friendship’, some would say. ‘A little different from pure friendship’, is how i would term it.

We are all independent individuals who are entitled to our own opinions, choices and decisions. You should be mature enough to know what is good for you and what isn’t. Attraction and infatuation are often mistaken to be love and you let that take over your senses. You are here to make a career. If something is distracting you from that, it might  not be worth it.

However, in due course of time, if you do find someone who you think is appropriate for you, you have yet another reason to be grateful to Nitte for.  Just ensure  that your enthusiasm about the same doesn’t violate the decorum of the institute. Maintain a healthy relationship with clear boundaries.

Remember, eve teasing of any form is an offence and may result in suspension from college. Public display of affection is taboo in this set up.

From this very day, till you graduate from NMAMIT, you will meet people who are going to influence you in many many ways.  Treasure them, gender unbiased.


Thank you.’





Till Next Time,


Keep Smiling.




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