Secure With Insecurities

On Wednesday evening, at a little past 5, my friends whom I stay with called me up and said me that they were at 7 Bees asking me what they should order for me. This particular joint is at about a 12 minutes long walk from where I stay and while walking with the girls, the distance always seems to double, thanks to their Ferrari phased chatter and slower than a bullock cart phased walk. I do not complain though, I always enjoy every bit of it. I said them I would order once I get there. I was a little caught up at college with something that I am sure wasn’t important, because i simply can’t remember whatever it was. 

Anyway, I got there in ten minutes, we ate, we chatted and then set out on our way back. Our long walk constituted of us making a list of what we had to pick up our way back, someone had to recharge their phone, while someone else had to withdraw money from the ATM. We proceeded and it began drizzling by the time we were nearing Oven Fresh, this little bakery is about 5 minutes from my place. Oven Fresh was closed, it closes early during Ramadan for very obvious reasons. We began opening our umbrellas and the lazy ones rushed into others umbrellas. My dearest friend walked into mine and we complained about the muck and the cold wind. Meanwhile, we noticed a little boy walking across Oven Fresh. He didn’t care one bit about the rain or the mud for all that we could see. He was enjoying every bit of his little walk. The sight of him made us happy and within no time the women in us took over.

“Aren’t his parents scared to send him out alone, this place isn’t all that small.”, I wondered out loud. He was indeed a little guy and Nitte isn’t all that small a village. It would make a decent sized town, thanks to the college and the developments around as a result of the same.
“Arrey its okay. He is just going about na.”, My friend said calmly.

“You never know. Someone might kidnap him for money or whatever.”, of course I am not that paranoid a person, I was just exaggerating and stating the possibilities. 
“Yeah, that’s true. You never know what people do to kids who are kidnapped.”
“That’s there. Weird things happen every day.” 

“People don’t even hesitate from raping little kids.” My friend said. A small pause followed and we shared a look that either of us didn’t like; insecurity.

All this while, we stood at about the same spot from where we had begin watching the kid and waited till he entered his house compound. We moved further towards our abode. It continued to rain. Outside, and inside our minds.


This isn’t about how we took one little scene from where it was to all another level. We definitely weren’t anticipating it or had gone all paranoid. We just let out minds wander and that’s where it landed. Thanks to our insecurities. For these insecurities, we have an endless list to thank. None the less, that doesn’t define who we are. Getting over them and surviving besides them is what counts.

Don’t let your insecurities knock yourself down. Cheer up. Look over them, but be aware of them. Live.




Till Next Time,

Live A Little More.



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