Thought Twinkle

This little thought has been running in my head for over a week now. From the 15th of August, 2013, to be precise. Independence Day of India, when the patriot inside our guts takes a high jump and lands on our Facebook status. Oh well! It wasn’t quite the same this time. We had a Mega Sand Painting Event at College, which of course was amazing. Besides that, a certain thought struck me, Deep!

Our dear Country is running in the 67th year of ‘freedom’ (If you missed it out, do note the single quotes). I don’t quite feel very independents though. Set apart the external forces, it is more from the inside. Isn’t independence a state of mind? Yes, I do feel very liberated mentally, at least most of the time. But that isn’t the same case with every other Indian, or for that matter, every other person around. Wish yourself Independence first.


I came across this picture some days back. I have discussed on this matter with quite a few people on many occasions and they had similar opinions. Is it me who is too naive to not agree with it? I do not know. 



I hate being confused like this. 

I guess I need a bowl of Gulab Jamun.


Till Next Time,

Keep Your Mind Open.



4 thoughts on “Thought Twinkle

  1. I agree with the picture in a way. I mean every one you are with will always be a part of you and you can’t get over them just like that. Although, the kind of relationship you have with them will determine how much they are part of you. If some one was really close to you, you can never get over them (or it will take a lot of time and a lot of good people). And if someone was not that close, you could get over them pretty quickly but they will still remain with you, in some part of your heart/mind.
    Just a thought! 🙂

  2. Getting over people? I think its possible. What isn’t is, getting over the good memories that involves those people 🙂
    And I guess we shouldn’t even try to do that. Because a wise person said, ‘Never regret what made you smile once.’

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