Cockroach Menace

This happened about three weeks back.

I had a lot of petty tasks to complete for one day and hence I decided to sleep over them, my way of avoiding them. The next morning I woke up a little early because no matter how lazy a person I am, work is work and time won’t wait. I opened my cupboard and thought that I saw something move. How could something inside my cupboard move on it’s own? I convinced myself that it was my early morning brain that was playing with me and proceeded with whatever I had to do. After a while I could  hear water gushing out of my hot water tap (which I open  at 6 AM every morning because, you know, I love hot water showers). So shower time it was. I set aside my laptop on which I was working and opened my cupboard to  take out my clothes. And then I saw him! I wasn’t hallucinating earlier that morning. He was there. He was quick, very quick, but he was there. A giant cockroach! Inside my cupboard! A giant cockroach inside my cupboard! I began to freak out. I am not really scared of cockroaches, but finding a cockroach inside my cupboard was equivalent to stabbing the cleanliness freak in me right at the heart! Just about a week before that I had cleaned my cupboard; every nook and cranny. Things in my cupboards are arranged such, so that whatever I want can be accessed in no time and of all things that could land up in my cupboard, a live cockroach? It was pretty much a shocker. The thought of how the cockroach could damage clothes and other properties inside the cupboard was very disturbing too. I had no cockroach killing spray in the room then and realised that I would get late for college if I continued to stand and ponder. I had to carry on, then.

That very evening, I went to every possible store and shop in Nitte and inquired in multiple languages if they had any form of medicine or poison to kill cockroaches. To my disappointment, all I got was ‘Lakshman rekha’, the chalk with which you draw lines and this line, apparently, repels cockroaches. I had to settle with that. I came back to my room and began taking out things from the cupboard one by one, rack by rack, I realised that I do have a lot of things I do not need, all thanks to my undying love for inanimate things. I drew lines all over my cupboard, While I was doing this, a junior walked into my room and inquired why I was doing what I was doing. I narrated to her the entire incident and she said that room freshener would help to a great extent too. She brought it from her room and I sprayed in into my empty cupboard. I put back my belongings into the cupboard. Surprisingly, throughout all this, the cockroach was nowhere to be seen. I wasn’t successful in spotting the cockroach but I was content because I did my part. By the time I was done with arranging my cupboard, it was supper time and the rest of the evening went by in a a snap of a finger.

Next morning, I woke up a little later than usual. Thank you, lethargy. In fact, I woke up to the sound of my hot water tap, so yes, I had to hurry. I opened my cupboard and BOOM! He was there again! HOW COULD THAT HAVE HAPPENED! He ran like an Olympic sprinter and disappeared in a flash. I was furious, even more so because right then I did not have the time to sort things our with Mr. Too Quick Too Smart. The whole day in college seems unusually long because I couldn’t wait to get back and deal with the cockroach. That evening, I repeated the entire process, removed all possible things from my cupboard and waited. Waited very patiently till the mean demon would emerge out from wherever it was that he was hiding. After what seemed like years, he did! And BAM! He was dead. Again, BAM! To confirm to myself that he was dead. Phew! I felt cruel and guilty to a certain extent, but I was relieved. My room suddenly appeared brighter and my shoulders felt lighter. It was as if the cockroach’s soul was being raised and it took away all that irritation it had  brought upon me, along with it. It felt nice.

Sorry dear cockroach, but that was my domain.


Till Next Time,

Don’t just see, Look.




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