I haven’t been the most not-busy person lately, but I have to get this off my chest and my little virtual space is something I am very grateful to.  Fair warning, this isn’t going to be something more intellectual than a crib fest.

People are certainly not my favorite kind of beings on this planet. I do not generalize, but I wish I found more people who made me like people, in general, better. I am indebted to forces of nature for having gifted me with gems of people, whom I will be treasuring with me for good. I just do not see that number rising and it is very disheartening. In fact, the number did stumble and roll down a couple of stairs, all the more disappointing. By good people, I am not being judgmental or terming them so by the fact that they abide by my opinions or not. Your opinions could be an antonym of my views and you shall still be viewed as a great human, provided you do your part right. I do not claim to be Miss. Perfect either. I am flawed. And so are you. I maybe flawed by a greater magnitude. I do know that being flawed doesn’t make me a bad person.

There used to be a time, not too long back, when any debate about the scenario of the nation or a political issue would provoke me to put forward my own views. I do not any more. At this point of time, anyone could stand in front of me and go on for hours together about the state of the poor in our country or the dominance of corruption on the leaders. I could listen to them and pretend to not have heard a word. 

This isn’t an epiphany out of the blue or a very recent realisation. This is something I and I am sure, even you have been observing from ages. Preaching and not practicing. We are all loud speakers and news papers when we have to bad mouth our politicians, but how many of us are a 100% corruption free? At least 1%? You can do things the right way, but you obviously won’t. You know, it’s not fun. And hey, do not forget, doing things the wrong way is cool! Whoever may you be, tell me you abide by the rules and do not consider mending ends to meet your own profit, you will earn my utmost respect. You speak about wanting to get all corrupt politicians and rapists behind bars, have you never ‘made money’ or ‘scammed’ someone or something, or at least have planned to do the same? Have you never seen a girl passing by you inappropriately? Have you always paid your bus ticket? Have you always corrected your teacher if by mistake he would have awarded a couple of marks extra in the exam, where you didn’t deserve it? Have you ever considered being truthful and honest, for one whole day at least? 

I might sound outright naive as I say this, but why oh why are we giving into exactly what we all claim to avoid? Whatever happened to principles and values. The world may not be a piece of cake, but I still do so not see how that should stop you from making it a pastry!

I guess I have come to a stage where it is becoming very easy to give up on people. I simply do not care any more. PS: Not that I did previously. Earlier, similar acts would enrage me, now they do not. Maybe they make me giggle, mentally, as a matter of fact.

But there is something I still do not want to give up on; Karma.



2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. You have my utmost respect for this article! Practice rather than preaching should be something people need today more than anything. Just complaining and cribbing about stuff does not help.

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