Let Me Try

Lat evening, I sat by the busy roads of Nitte, on the stairs of the temple and allowed my mind wander. I wanted to let it get lost by not all those who wander are lost and my friends who constantly kept chattering around me weren’t being of great help. Of all the things I could think of, the thought of gratefulness, rather lack of it, took over my senses and it did take me by surprise.

How many things on a daily basis do we take for granted and hence fail to appreciate?

The air that we breathe. Try to breathe in really deep, letting the walls of your wind pipe sense every molecule of it. Waking up on a rainy morning and letting the cool breeze envelope you to only tempt you to hug your blanket more tight. To let wind in your hair create a maze out of your already distorted mane. Fragments of pure peace. 

To observe, admire and savor every bit of what you eat. Licking ice cream from the cap of it till the chocolate bits at the end of the cone. Eating because you have to and can. Not all can eat when they have to, that’s definitely something worth being grateful about. 

Understanding while you read. May it be boards outside a shop or the newspaper, when you truly interpret and understand what your eyes stimulated your mind to read, there is a beautiful kind of joy that hops on.

Facial expressions. We deliver a receive a million of them every day. How many of those expressions do we register in our minds? It maybe the watchman who smiles at you every morning when you are leaving or the grumpy look by your neighbor. Every expression is unique and what goes behind it is precious. Treasure that.

Laugh out loud! Laugh only when you have to. You are not obligated to laugh at anything that doesn’t please you. Laugh at what makes you want to laugh. When you do laugh, you know it’s a lovely thing.

Happiness often sneaks through a door that you didn’t know you had left open. Let nothing that belong to you get past you without your consent. Try looking beyond what you can see and listening more than what you can hear.



Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


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