Many a times, I experience feelings that I cannot define. I am not sad, but I find no reason to be happy. I am extremely happy, but there is something holding me back from celebrating it. I am depressed and yet I do not find it important enough to shed tears upon. Mixed emotions, maybe that’s what it is. I wouldn’t say that I am indecisive, probably, I do not want to know what exactly I am feeling. I have always been a strong believer of the notion that it is very easy to be happy. Over 80% of the people I meet daily are not happy, in fact show absolutely no signs of being content either. I do not claim to be an always cheerful and happy person, I do grumble, I do crib. It is moments of absolute emotional chaos that leave me bewildered. Not knowing how I feel. Not wanting to know how I feel.

And then I wonder; Am I the only one who feels this way? This isn’t nihilism. There does exist some mental substance. What if there are many other poeple around me who feel the same way and choose not to say? It would be a huge disappoinment if I am the only one who expreinces mixed emotions


Yes, this is pretty much a meaningless post.


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.




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