My First Interview

Precisely a week back, I gave my first interview for a very reputed firm. I am not going to reveal the name of the firm, neither am I going to tell if I got placed, or I didn’t. Here is what I typed that evening upon someone’s request to share my intervoew experience. 🙂


“6th October, 2013. 1.00 PM


The young man from the consultancy who had been making small talk with me while I was waiting outside the room where my interview was to be held told me that it was my turn to head in. He quickly wished me luck and I went towards the door. Yesterday, we had had our online tests, which comprised of two sections; analytical reasoning and verbal. The former was easy and the latter was challenging, even more so for people who do not have a habit of reading as the passages (2) were quite long.

The door of LH002 was kept open and a man sat behind a desk piled with papers. I asked him if I could enter and he immediately asked me to come in and occupy the chair opposite to him. I greeted him as I settled down and he greeted back warmly.

He inquired about my name and stream of engineering. He questioned why I had chosen mechanical engineering stream. I answered honestly that the production line has always fascinated me and that studying the course of mechanical engineering had only opened my eyes to lot many things I was unaware of, technologically.

He asked me about how long I had been waiting for and about the responses we were getting from students who were already interviewed. I said people were surprised at the technical questions being asked, because that wasn’t very expected. But that everyone said that the HR personnel were very friendly. He corrected me that they were all technical people and none of the interviewers were HR personnel. He asked for names of people whose reviews I had asked. I said that one would ask someone and the news just kept spreading. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to take names. He asked me if we had created a Whatsapp group to keep ourselves updated about what was happening in the interviews inside. We hadn’t and I said just that.

He asked me to introduce myself. I did that briefly.

He asked me a very simple question to start with, ‘Why our firm?’. I explained that their firm is a household name from where I hail and people refer to it’s founder  is the same lines as Dr. Abdul Kalam, so it certainly is a inspiration by itself. I further said him that I had heard from my seniors working in their firm that the training provided there was the best one could get, specially if I am from a non- IT stream. He questioned me if I was opting this form just for the excellent training. I told him it wasn’t so and that if I am willing to change my stream, I would like to begin with them.

He asked me the names of my seniors whom I had spoken to about their firm and took down their names too. Throughout the interview, he kept noting down every little thing that I answered.

The interviewer asked me to tell him a little about my family. I told him that my parents stay abroad and that my sister lives in Bangalore. He asked me if my sister is married and about how often my parents visit India. He also inquired about if I had no plans to settle abroad. I said him that I wouldn’t mind working abroad, but at the end of the day I would want to live India because I enjoy my freedom here. He asked me if I do not want the facilities and luxuries available elsewhere. I answered that I believe all such luxuries can be made available in our country if we work in the right direction.

He asked about how it felt to stay on my own, away from family. I said that I enjoyed the freedom, but family is family and that I do miss them at times.

He asked me if I could write a C program. I answered that I had learnt C in my PUC and first year of engineering and that if I would brush those skills, maybe I would be able to. Write now I would be able to write only very basic programs. He asked me to write a C program for performing simple arithmetic operations and I did that.

He asked me about the phone I use. I said him that it’s a Galaxy Mini. He asked me about the OS.I said it’s Android. He asked for the version. I was certainly nervous, so instead of Gingerbread I ended up saying Jelly Bean. I realised it only after a few minutes. He asked me about the apps I use, to which I named a few applications installed on my phone.

He began scanning through my resume.

He asked me about the various events I has participated in and organised. I explained them in brief. He then asked me about my blog, because I had mentioned blogging as a hobby of mine. He also took the url of my blog and said that he would be looking forward to a post about the interview. He questioned me about my other hobbies that I had mentioned in the resume; music and reading. He asked me the latest book that I had read and my favourite music director. I answered for the book promptly but favourite music director and song weren’t flashing to me at that instant. I said that I listen to music for the joy of it and do not pay much attention to the technicality of it.

He asked me if Tulu is my mother tongue and if I were a Bunt. He also asked me how many girls are there in mechanical in  my batch and how hard the labs are. I told him that there were a couple of labs that were challenging, but most of them were easy. He also asked me about Ansys, one of the analysis softwares I had mentioned about in my list of Analysis softwares known.

He asked me if I would leave this opportunity to join an IT company if I get an offer from a mechanical firm. I said him that it would depend on the company. That all companies aren’t worth giving up something as good as this firm for but that my main interest lies in core mechanical domain.

He finally asked me if I had anything to ask him. I asked him about how I, being a mechanical student, would have to be prepared to face the IT sector. He asked me to be thorough with C, C++, Java and DBMS. He said that in their firm the training is designed in such a way that irrespective of branch, we all get an equal opportunity to improve our skills.


I thanked him and left the room.”


You are free to make your assumptions. 😀


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



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