A Rush of Randomness

Final year is encouraging me to be myself; the lazy lad that I am. Procrastinating has come to be become a lifestyle to me. My own lifestyle, I believe I have/had one, appears alien to me. I can’t let that take over me, can I?

So here I am.

Here is a poem I found on the internet. It is beautiful.


The notion of love amongst most of my peers is pretty flawed. The flaw is not very pretty though. Love isn’t romance, lust is not love. To love is to like. I look cool breezes, I love the sunny of a chilly day. I love chicken, chocolate and coffee. I love shoes! (About an hour back, I bought myself a multi coloured pair of flip flops for Rs. 100/- flat. Yaay me!) I love warm smiles and verbal ‘Good mornings’. I love my family, I love my friends. Many a times I like that I see in the mirror and I love that I am not scared when I don’t. Love is a feeling and feelings just are. I love what I do and I always try to do what I love.

In other news:

  • Tech Nidarshan’13, the annual national level technical festival was a couple of weeks back and it felt great to be a part of it on a whole another level; the student rep of my department. B-) . The fest was a lot of fun, though by the end of it I felt like a grilled piece of meat.
  • My sessionals were last week and the feeling of being a pea head took over again. I can just pray for miracles to happen so that my marks prove me wrong.
  • Final year is running by quickly and I love the fast pace. But it also reminds me that I want, sorry, NEED to be placed in a good core mechanical company, soon! I want to do something that I love for good, you know? Get me a good job that I want, will ya? Please? (Too many question marks? Ouch!)
  • I have a tan. A bad one. It seems to love me. I just high fived sun. That’s how it appears.
  • I just got two toys inside one Peppy Cheese Balls packet. Boo! 😛

Oh, and here is my little love letter to the Throttlerz, an amazing professional bike stunts group from Coimbatore who performed at TN’13, they owned the audience! Sure the letter wasn’t handed to them under my name, none the less, for me, it was like my silly fan mail being handed to them. They uploaded it on their Facebook page; A personal extra girly Eee! moment for me!


That was some randomness for you.

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



4 thoughts on “A Rush of Randomness

  1. Awesome post shivali 🙂 . Enjoy last days of your college days . These are the days you will cherish for a long time and all the best again for all that you desire 🙂 .

  2. Beautiful poem… (sharing it)
    And lovely piece on love.
    Reading your blogs is like conversing with you except only it is only you who is talking which I think might be the case assuming it to be true that girl’s love talking a lot.

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