An Afternoon In Annex

A little over an hour back, I sat in the air conditioned library of my college because, frankly, I had no where else to be. Or at least that is what I told myself. While I sat there, I began writing randomly and this is what I ended up with.

 Words Observe 

This is not a poem; this is not a note,

It’s a cluster of words that I scribble with no intentions to promote.

Eighteen tables and thirty six chairs,

People sitting and studying in pairs.

Today isn’t one of those eventful days for me,

I am peacefully free like I have always wanted to be.

A pinch of guilt stings for killing time like this,

But hey, I wouldn’t complain, for me, this is bliss.

Silent whispers and petty gestures,

That defines one of the many library textures.

Hair clips and hair bands, straight hair and curly,

Guys with hair that are in no way girly.

I look around the reading room as I jot this down,

I smile at the librarian and all he does is frown.

The AC switches are on but the room temperature suggests otherwise,

There is no one to answer my what’s and why’s.

Maybe I should stop this mindless babbling right here,

I write this as I wave to my peer.

Don’t judge me because I am killing something this precious,

Time has it’s funny ways, sweet and treacherous.

The turning over of pages and zipping of bags,

The librarian’s constant warnings to students to sport their ID tags.

Perhaps it is time for me to make a move; pack up and leave,

Ah all this rhyming makes me feel so naive.


Back I am with my dear buddy, the internet, whom i can’t thank enough for this virtual space.


Have a nice day y’all! 🙂 


I can’t Think Of A Title, Can You?

For someone who has no idea about the nutritional value and price of almonds, a peanut would taste so much better. 

On a sunny, sweaty summer day, a shower or a swim in clean flowing water  would serve more refreshment than any air conditioned room.

When you desperately need to talk to someone and need to make a call, the phone you are making the call from would make no difference, would it?

A song being played on the radio always has a better abilities to lighten your mood of a sulky day than some song on your playlist, 

A swing underneath a tree is exponentially more comforting than a tour in an airplane. 

Joy is loving the beauty of the moon knowing that you have nothing to with it, neither can you do anything about it.

The contents of a hand written note, no matter how shabby, will manage to make you smile. e-mails may not always do that. 

Bubble wraps are more soothing than acupuncture and acupressure sessions. 


Oh well! I am not trying to make any point here. Or maybe I just did, 😉


“What I like in a good author isn’t what he says, but what he whispers.” – Logan Pearsall Smith, essayist (1865-1946)


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.




A Weekend Post

Because being a regular blogger is too mainstream? Absolutely not. Because I have been a little preoccupied and more so, very lazy? Oh yes!

Diwali was fun. Lights and laughter, new outfits and jewelry, and above all, good food! We can all hope for a lovely year ahead. (How many new years do we have in a year? Is Diwali even considered as beginning of a year? Meh!)

College commenced mid way this week. My highlight of the entire week occurred on two consecutive days; Wednesday and Thursday. 

On Wednesday evening, my friend and I decided to go drink one of our favorite, most refreshing drinks we get around this place; Bonda Juice (Sugar in tender coconut water with bits of coconut cream, chilled.) We have to walk quite some distance from where we stay for that, and we do not mind that. We walked all the way, on the way saw a couple of drunk men fighting like mad cattle, drank our juice and were on our way back. We were near Nameless (A name we gave to a small hotel, attached to a house, which doesn’t really have a name. If you happen to visit Nitte, it is right opposite to 7 Bees. The Puri-bhaji and Pulav will not disappoint you. Some refer to it as ‘Mane oota’ (Home made food) and some others by the name of it’s owner; Harish Anna’s). So yes. As we were walking, we could hear a faint voice, “Akka! Hi!”. We had no plans of going to Nameless that day. I noticed that the super cute girl we often see in the house when we go there to eat, was standing by the door. We have been seeing her from about 2 years now, she might be 3 years old now. Believe me, she is absolutely adorable! “Hi!”, I waved back.

” Heg iddiya?” (How are you?), I inquired.  She flashed a smile but said nothing. She noticed that we were walking past her and that we wouldn’t be eating at her place today.

Immediately, she said, “Akka, naale baani!” (Akka, do come tomorrow.) .

“Aaythu. Neenu naale irthiya alva?” (Okay. You’ll be here tomorrow right?), I asked.

“Haudu.” (Yes.), she said.

“Aaythu, naale barthene. Bye!” (Okay, I will come tomorrow.)

“Bye!”, she said.

It felt nice to talk to her. Specially so because she had initiated the conversation. Not many  3 year old kids would be doing that, would they?


The next day, Thursday, I was determined to go have something at Nameless. Alas! It was thundering like there were a heavy metal concert going on up in the sky. But hey, I had to go, I had said the kid that I would. About 6 o clock, the thunder was receding and I dragged my friends along with me. We entered the little hotel and we could see the little girl dressed in orange jumping like a rubber ball.

She ran in and we could hear her, “Maama! Maama! Maama! Akka bantu!” (Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Akka has come!). That was  c u t e ! 😀 🙂

“Hi!”, my friends and I waved in sync to her. She smiled for a fraction of a second and ran inside again. We placed our order and sat waiting for it. She didn’t come to us at all. Oh she way busy!

“Maama phone!” , she could come with a ringing cell phone and handed it to her uncle.

“Akka mooru chapati” (Akka, 3 chapatis), she would carry her uncle’s instructions from the kitchen to the room where her elder sister, cousin perhaps, was rolling the chapatis.

I had my coffee and egg burji (Not a very conventional combination, but I like that), my friend got her puri-bhaji parcel and it was time for us to leave. The little one was nowhere to be seen. We stood for a minute and she didn’t come out. It was getting dark outside and we decided to leave. Just as we walked a few steps outside the hotel door, we could hear her, “Akka bye!”, she was standing by the door.

“Bye bye!”, we all said. She ran inside again.


That was some sweet experience for me. The past few days in college haven’t been very pretty; crappy marks in lab and a seminar followed by questions that had no answers, but this made up for it all!


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.