Oh Oldies

Remember your first phone?

I remember mine. Samsung SGH C300. Well, the first WHOLLY MINE phone rather. The slider phone. I would be lying if I said that it was my favorite. It required me to slide it open for every other action and would exit the application and lock itself when slid down. There was no other way to lock the screen apart from sliding it down either. The picture quality was pretty sad and the phone didn’t support a wide variety of image formats either. The back space button wasn’t the same as it was in the previous phones that I had used.The battery life was sad it didn’t support the normal graphical smileys! None the less, the phone was and is very dear to me. It is still alive. A few minor operations have been performed and it has survived.

There is one thing in particular, about that phone and the phones of earlier generations that I distinctly remember. If you would press the little red disconnect button or would slide it down while typing a message, it would get saved in your Drafts folder. Some fine day when a blinking message symbol would appear on the top of your phone screen, you would start exploring every folder and delete text to make  memory space. Then, you would come across these little drafts and recall when and why you had types each one of them. Some would be silly one word messages that made sense. Some others would be paragraphs explaining yourself, but had given up on because you thought it wasn’t worth it. Some were funny, but you didn’t send them because you thought it was offensive. Some others just were. You  would delete them eventually.  Suddenly, I sort of miss them.

I do not have a Drafts folder on my phone anymore, maybe I should be thankful too. 


On another note:



Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



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