Tick Tock

The world is full of corollaries and contradictions. While an ambitious person is told to have patience, he is also told to not wait for anyone and pave his own path. When I turn ON the light in UK, I shall be turning it OFF in the US. The is neither an apple, not a pine in a pineapple but a mango tree is a tree loaded with mangoes. French Fries weren’t invented in France and neither English muffins in England. Vegetarians eat vegetables but humanitarians do not eat humans. You do not want an answer from me and yet you would want me to listen to you pose a question. Quick sand can work slowly and speed can be lowered too.

Dear world, stop confusing me, alright?


In other news, I get to put a tick mark against the top most task on my to-do/accomplish list. If you have been reading my blog, you would know what it is. 😉 . So yes, I get to relax and be in my pajamas all day long, at least mentally so.





Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



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