A Post Unlike The Rest

I haven’t been around a lot and I have no one to blame but me. I have been doing SO many things and yet can’t figure out what I have been doing. Final year can beat Flash in a running race. Man does it sprint! I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if it were any slower. *Touchwood*
Yesterday, I appeared for *hopefully* my last lab exam. No more of having it answer “Lab today?” questions when one spots me in my workshop uniform. (PS: One would never spot me in that uniform again. (Hopefully)).
Now awaits Project Viva and my final Final semester end exams. The thought of them make me tremble. Please wish me luck. *puppy eyes*

Lately, I have been doing way too much thinking. Thanks to the one hour bus ride back home from college every evening in a bus where I hardly know anyone. I have realised that I am not as optimistic as I thought I was and neither am I as determined. Maybe its the over thinking or maybe it is true. Either way, I have to work on both. Sigh. Why can’t all this be as easy as tying this up!
My feet is tanned more than ever and my toes are gonna win Miss. Ugly World, if there is any such contest. Boo!

Well, that’s some mindless babble. I promise to be back with better and more sensible notes soon. (Not that you’re waiting or anything. Just saying) Right now, All I want to do is fare well in the Viva and exams that lay ahead.

Two minutes is a lot of time. Specially when you’re preparing Maggi or Popcorn. But four years is so little time when you’re an engineering student. Lesson Learnt. 🙂

Till Next Time,
Keep Smiling.