Happy Monsoon To You!

Monsoon is here and  while I can’t go out because its raining too heavily, all I can think of is sneaking under a blanket, sipping hot coffee and watching the television. A good movie perhaps. Lovely music would just add to the charm. Speaking of good music, here is a song for you. Sit back and enjoy.

A little mischievous are you

A little innocent are you

[A little mischievous are you 

A little innocent are you 

Yeah But this true if

Ours’ life are you ] —–(Multiply with 2. Use a calculator is necessary)


My breath’s chime are you

My make-up kit are you

My eye’s wait are you

My dignity My pride  My respect are you

[A little unfaithful are you

A little devil are you] —– (Multiply into 2. No using calculator this time.)

Yes but this true is

My God are you

A little ummm *think hard*

Ummm *think*

Ummm Ummm *think*

Ummm Yes yes yes

Hmmm mischievous 


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



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