She Is Just Not That Into You

I have had enough of ‘If a boy pauses a game for you, marry him’, ‘A girl who loves football is a girl worth keeping’ etc. So I thought I would make a list, myself.  A list for guys, for a change. A list that might help you verify if a girl is into you or not.  So, you know if a girl is seriously interested in you:

1. If she chooses to spend time with you over shoe shopping.

NO girl ever

2. If she texts you while she is in a gossip session with her girlfriends.



3. If she is almost as tall as you, but doesn’t wear her favourite pair of stilettos when she is going out with you just so that you don’t look shorter than her.



4. If she supports a sports team just because you do, besides knowing nothing about the game.



5. If she allows you have  a say on a dress she is planning to buy and actually considers your suggestion (If you have any to offer, of course.).



6. If you are ‘Rashmi, Seema or Priya’ to her mother while you are on the phone with her.



7. If she texts you while her nail art hasn’t dried yet.



Well, if you haven’t noticed any of them, she is just not that into you.


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