Not Any Other Evening

Earlier this week, The Father and I were a little less lazy than usual one evening and decided to go stroll in our dear town. This place always amuses me.
These are a couple of pictures clicked around the premises of Udupi Sri Krishna Temple.
Fountain in a lake. Check.
Pretty sky. Check.


Wherever may you be this evening, do click a picture of the sky, okay? 🙂

Have a lovely day ahead.



Tea Tags


My father happens to be a fan of green tea and I like brewing it for him. I have been doing it for a while, but only recently did I notice that these tea tags carry messages on them. Speak of small joys.
Well done, Lipton.

Have a nice day! 🙂

A Pinch Of Salt

lazy days are good

That. People have been trying to convince me just that. Besides being the lethargy queen that I am, I still have not been able to accept it completely. Actually, I would never want to accept it.

So, Hey!
Been an extremely long while, hasn’t it. A dreadful, uneventful, disappointing long while. Sigh.
So many tiny experiences, so many many encounters and so many more epiphanies. I simply never felt they’re worth jotting down. Oh have I been so wrong.

To this day, it has been four months and nine days since the last exam of my engineering course. I haven’t achieved anything substantial since then. Been trying harder than ever, and been disappointed harder than before.
(I so need your wishes, in general. Okay?) I have been repeatedly told by my well-wishers that this is going to be my ‘last ever’ vacations and I must utilize them to the fullest. Turns out, my idea of fullest isn’t very economical. So here I am, writing about it instead. The irony of words; they cost nothing and yet the cost us everything. (Put that line into my biography if you plan on writing one. Thank you. 😀 )
My mother has been very insistent about me learning, practicing cooking and I have been trying to do that. I haven’t become a massive success yet, but I believe I can cook to live now, not merely survive. Yet, there is one thing that I have been far from perfect from; The art of adding the right amount of salt. Add a few granules less that desired and you end up with a bland dish. Add a little extra and you have a salty mess. Something as basic as common salt can tell you where you stand as a cook. Something so powerful, that if you try consuming it directly, you would simply be ruining your palette. These inexpensive white amorphous entities which your mum warned you not to have too much of, else ‘ you would shrink’ like a pickled mango. The same substance which when added in a good quantity helps preserve what would rot in days, for months. Something that almost held an entire nation under captivity and freed us too. Thankfully, we don’t have to March till Dhandi for salt anymore. Acts poisonous when one has high blood pressure and is an immediate remedy for sore throat. Oh the wonders and miracles of common salt!
Before you spice up your life, make sure you’ve figured the perfect quantity of salt that’s essential. 😉

Till Next Time,
Keep Smiling.