Tick Tick

Tick-tock is supposed to be how the clock sounds. To me, however, it sounds more like tick-tick. And that too at a very rapid rate. Man does time travel faster than sound. Phew!

Hey there. Long long time. 😀

In the last couple of months, I have met a lot lot lot of new people. As ever, people never fail to amuse me. Tall, short, plump, skinny, fair, dusky, sweet, mean, helpful, selfish, loud, clever, smart, slow; each one amusing in their own way. It has been over two months of meeting and greeting new people whilst trying my best to not be judgmental.  How long I can stay non-judgmental till, only time shall say. How long I shall like the ones that I like so far in the same magnitude, only time shall say. How long the  ones that aren’t mean to me shall stay like that, only time shall say. Time does have a very powerful voice, doesn’t it.

Very recently did I learn that doing nothing at the right time, in the right place feels absolutely right too. It does make me a little guilty though.

Tumblr- Inspire

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



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