Rattling Routine

Routine. Every time i try to conclude that I ave come to understand the true meaning of the term, the universe proves me otherwise.

Like every other day, I was heading to board a bus to office. The same route, the same time, almost the same people and besides the n-number of buses that travel via that route daily, somehow, I end up boarding the same bus almost every day; Or so I thought.

All of a sudden, there was loads of chaos. People started speaking, screaming and yelling. i was confused and started looking around. About 100m from where I stood, I noticed 5 vehicles in a row collided with one another. A Honda City, A Toyota Etios, a van, a school bus(with luckily no children in it) and an auto rickshaw. Behind it all lay two bikers getting up and trying to lift their bikes. People rushed to inspect the situation and help out. no damage seems to have appeared to any of the vehicles or people involved in the collision and hence people began dispersing and heading their own ways. i got into a bus and occupied a seat. The bus driver was too amused by the collision that he had just witnessed and decided to stay there for a few more minutes. As I looked out of the window in the direction of where the collision had occurred, I was reassured that no one or nothing was harmed. I did notice that theĀ  commuters involved had all gotten into one big ugly argument. There was name calling, finger pointing and what not. One threatened the other and the other yelled at yet another. All this continued as the bus I was in departed from the depot. All this happened for no reason particular. No one was harmed and I am pretty sure no on e initiated the collision on purpose; yet they chose to argue about it.

As the bus moved ahead, we met with our usual traffic jam and the driver turned off the engine to bring the bus to a complete halt. As I sat and looked outĀ  (looking at people being one of my favorite activities of all times) i mentally complained about the jam and the sun which as piercing into my eyes and brain.. People in cars and bikes beside the bus I was in frantically looked at their watches and honked like honking is what clears traffic jams. At the same time, on the footpath on the other side of the road, I saw something that I had only seen on TV and in movies earlier. A man dressed for work, in a uniform, on a cycle was riding with his wife sitting side ways on the rod in front of the seat. They spoke and laughed as they rode along. His legs appeared to be putting in a lot of effort, but his face didn’t reflect any of it.

I witnessed quite a few things that morning and learned one very crucial life lesson; Routines exist only if you want them to. Routine can only be self made.

Till Next Time,