Shifting Scenes

“You thought looking for decent places to stay was hard, now go start packing and the house hunting process will appear like a piece of cake to you”, said a friend of mine.

So I said my prayers and mentally prepared myself.

Till the day i wanted cardboard boxes, cartons just seems like ease-to-crush yet surprisingly-spacious containers to me. I became my rag picker self and went to one grocery shop after another asking for cardboard boxes. Some charged me a bomb and some others donated boxes that were nothing but a pile of junk at their doorstep.

Then came the process of taping the underside of these boxes. Gum tapes I tell you! I have never been a fan of long nails and almost always have my nails cut to a very short height. And this didn’t help me in the tedious process either. Other times, when I need just about 2mm of tape, 20m of tapeĀ  comes rolling out with ease. Now that I wanted at least 50cm of tape each time, not 5mm would come out prettily. Oh the struggle!

Once i was done reinforcing the cartons with tape (having wasted an equal amount as that on the cartons), I had to start the packing process itself. Man do I have a lot of things. Things that I need, thins that I want, things that I did not know that I owned, things that I had thought I had lost, borrowed things, useless things that I simply couldn’t get myself to throw, things I do not need, things that I had thought I had thrown away… Things! Surprisingly though, it didn’t take me a minute more than two hours to arrange them into the bags and boxes.

What did surprise me is how hard it is for me to let go of things. Materialistic things. Non living objects with mass and that occupy space. I do love things more than I love people, don’t I?


Living out of boxes is certainly something I loathe and I hope I can put an end to it ASAP. After about two months of uncertainty and mental chaos, I hope things will settle down soon, on every front. Wish me luck, will ya? Thank you.

A house is built by bricks but a home is built by hearts. I don’t know who said this, I have used it in numerous essays since my school days and believe it whole heartedly. Just saying.

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.