Earlier this morning, I spent a substantial amount of time gazing at the sky. Flocks of birds perfecting what we humans take years to imitate, effortlessly. A pair of eagles caught my attention in particular. They were flying high up in the sky with such beautiful sync. They’d flap their wings in harmony and they would glide in melody. Then, like it were some practised routine, they’d part ways too. I watched them for quite a long while. I kept wondering if they were doing it naturally, or they were they do it spontaneously by communicating with one another. There was no way for me to find out.


Well, what if there were?

What of everything in this world could feel, speak and talk?


Imagine trees yelling at you for stepping on their roots and dogs asking you to shut up when you hit the dog notes while attempting to sing. Imagine walls asking for warm blankets in winter and beaches demanding you to leave because they want to enjoy their solitude.

Ah. The chaos.



Very thoughtfully, only we humans have been gifted the precious treasure of clear speech. Yet, we do not use it efficiently.

We use words to express our anger and to suppress our affections. We do not speak about our emotions, instead crib about the what-could-have-beens and what-should-have-beens. Sometimes words elude us and some other times we elope so that we do not have to put our thoughts into words.

In this beautiful world, all that your thoughts have is you and it’s words that all you have.


Sparkles and joy for the rest best of the year,

Shivali 🙂