Colour Me

Parker Knight_Halloween Party_YkVrQWo


Purple, yellow, green or blue?

Three walls white, one wall hue?

Glossy, matt, patterned or plain,

We discusses and argued and grumbled in vain

“The house has to look brand new”, she said,

“No brown, no orange, no grey, no red.”

We spent hours and days to decide on the colour,

And slept disturbed and perturbed till it was all over.

The “brand new” house brought us joys,

As do new clothes, shoes, bags and toys.

Often, things new leave us curious and amused,

Why then, is behaviour new mostly refused?

Humans oh dear, like houses, gates and cars,

Deserve makeovers to glorify trophies and refurbish scars.



Till next time,

Keep smiling 🙂