The newspaper

As young kids who had just started school, recognizing and reading out letters, words and phrases from the newspaper always instilled a feeling of accomplishment. There are so many pages with so many thing printed in such small sized letters. Some of the headlines are coloured and larger in size than the others, drawing special attention. Some pages are coloured, while some are not. There are advertisements and announcements regarding home loans, new cars in the market, people celebrating accomplishments, people who have died, dead people who are being remembered, people having changed their names, banks looking for hood-winkers, exciting discounts in the super market around the corner and what not.

This booklet of current affairs, opinions and advertisements is a significant part of our lives. Newspaper delivery persons stack up their cycles and bikes with as many newspapers as one could and also develop a Olympic-medalist like skill of aiming to throw the paper into the veranda from a slowly moving vehicle. Some start their days with it, some end their days reading it and some others read the newspaper in installments throughout the day. There are people who go through every single line in the newspaper and there are people who simply scan through the headlines and the pictures. Some read only the articles on sports in details, while some others skip the sports pages. There are people who open the paper right to the daily Horror-scope section and there are people who check out the gold prices, exchange rates for no particular reason. For many, the newspaper is a mode of bonding with buddies over various topics, to spark discussions and debated. Many people who cannot read, for various reasons, ask others to read it out for them and a lot of people read the papers to improve their reading & language skills. Page 3 of the entertainment suppliment is a daily dose for social life gossip enthusiasts and many earn titles of ‘newspaper’ for simply being gossip enthusiasts. Some hold up the papers in the air to read it and some others spread out the newspaper on the table to study it. A newspaper is the best fanning medium in case of a power-cut and our dhobhi’s gift wrap too. There is also that stack of old newspapers in our houses, which no one really knows what to do of.

My mother always starts her day with the newspaper; adorning her reading glasses, occupying her spot on the sofa and occasionally reading out phrases that she thinks the family needs to be aware of. My father is a super neat newspaper reader. The paper looks are neat as a freshly delivered newspaper even after he has read every single article on it. My sister looks super intellectual (if and) when she reads the newspaper, sipping her tea and sitting cross footed.  Every section of the newspaper usually leaves me in awe, apart from the Financial newspapers in light brown, of which I understand nothing. Nothing.

The newspaper means so many different to each one who reads it. Pretty much like everything else in the world. 🙂


Till next time,



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