The make-up kit

When we were little, my sister and I had a make up kit. It was a red colored heart shaped case, which would open up in a cascade manner. It had a mirror on the top most cover and had brushes & buds that were all so soft. There were multiple layers containing n-number of eye shadows, lipsticks and what not. I still do not know what most of the items in it were meant to be used for. My parents must have bought it just because we would have insisted upon it. The only remote purpose it served would be on School Annual/Sports days when we would have to dress up for parades or performances. I remember using it for my sports day parade in the second grade, when we, the primary school kids,  were representing diversity in India and dressed as members of various states for that. My sister was from Jammu & Kashmir that day and I was from Madhya Pradesh.

Anyway. Since the purpose of the kit was very very limited, there were days when I was simply tempted to use them. My mum would obviously protest against it, but I would go ahead and use things in the most horrendous manner, none the less. Pink cheeks, red lips and purple eye shadow were what I was aiming at at least. I would wear some colorful chains that I had, a few bangles and certainly end up looking like a joker.I would set out with a trolley bag and walk around the dining table. Oh, I felt like an air hostess! Air hostesses: They were all so nice. Everything about them was nice. They looked nice, they smelt nice, they dressed perfectly, they smiled all the time, they spoke so politely, they gave us chocolates & toys and everyone loved them. Well, at least that’s all that I could observe then. I was never particularly fond of air travel, but two things about air travel excited me a lot back then; Duty free shops & air hostesses. They would greet us with smiles, guide us to our seats, help us with our bags, give us warm blankets and always ask us to travel with them again. Oh so sweet! Till a certain age, this was the only side of their profession that I could like at. I never wanted to be an air hostess though. I knew that I couldn’t dress so perfectly or give away chocolates like that. So it just felt nice to pretend to be one walking around with a trolley bag & make up on. As time passed by, the realities of this amazing profession dawned upon me. People often do not respect them and they still have to maintain their calm, almost all the time, they do too. They have to ensure the safety and comfort of all the passengers, which is no easy task. Long working hours, staying away from their loved ones most of the time and putting up with people of all kinds. Growing up, I just learned to respect them more, besides simply admiring them. No make up kit or trolley bag can make me feel like an air hostess anymore.

Its strange how things never change, but each time you look back at them, they seem so different. As we progress on our scale on age and wisdom, we just learn to look at things in different views. Well, at least most of us do. Its learning from all these angles of viewing and adapting what’s best for us that matters the most. 🙂



Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling



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