I Amuse Me

A lazy sunny afternoon calls for self exploration, or simply a lovely nap. Since no nap seem to be heading towards me, I decided to launch myself in front of the internet and let it take me places. Ta da! It took me to  my Twitter. ( https://twitter.com/FingerChips )

Turns out, I used to quite an interesting Twitteratti. Its been almost an year since I last logged onto it, I am pretty surprised that I got the password right in the first go. *pats self*

For starters, the account looks something like this:


I am not even sure if I fully understood, or even understand most of the things I have posted. Mind you, they’re originals. I didn’t have the patience to run through my entire timeline, but following are some Tweets that I posted and found very interesting.

  1. Well, nothing has changed


2.  I am pretty sure that I am not the only one


3. Irrespective of time, either


4. I cannot recall who this is 😀


5.  🙂 So true4

6. Oh dear BMTC. Its about time that I be offered free rides for the number of times I have mentioned you on social media.


7. I do not remember being this funny


8. Lets just say that I have always been a quick learner


9. Agreed


10. Oh wise me


11. Yes


12. Do not become anyone else. Ever


13. 😀


14. Every single time


15. 🙂



And then I didn’t have the patience to scroll any further.

If you fail to amuse yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?


Till Next Time,

Stay Amused. 🙂




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