Not A Sad Post

I happen to be strong believer of the notion that one can always be happy if they want to. Its all about the small joys and there a million zillion gazillion things around us that can make us smile. Yet, very often I find myself become gloomy because of unnecessary sympathising. Why unnecessary you ask? Well, the following is a list of incidents/occurances that (for no valid reason) made/make me sad.

• Yesterday morning, while walking over the sky walk to my office, I saw a Gulab jamun spilt with its container beside it. It was such a painful sight. Whoever would have bought it, would have bought it such joy to eat it. (No, I didn’t think of hungry people who do not get to eat these luxuries at that point)

• When I see Sardarjis riding bikes. They cannot wear helmets. Yes, their pagdis are probably capable of protecting them, but I always feel that they deserve the protection provided by a solid helmet too

• The day I realised that animals will never know how much they weigh. Or for that matter, so many many things about themselves that we are very well aware about ourselves of.

• Mugs with broken handles make me super sad too. They become buckets who do not even serve the purpose of buckets. They’re just nobody. Simply a pain to people trying to pour water or whatever out of them. No, its not an OCD of sorts. Its just the pain of watching something become useless.

• Stray dogs asking for chocolate. Well, they obviously do not know that its chocolate. Its hard when you’re eating a chocolate on the road and a dog comes by, wagging its tail, watching you with needy eyes and all you can do is walk away. Its having to decline their request without being able to tell them why. Rejection hurts. Rejection without reasons is all the more worse. They’re sad because they didn’t get the food and I am sad because I cannot tell them Why I didn’t give it to them.

The list is a very long one and can get unpleasant too. It must be stopped. Everyone deserves a happy ending, so does this post. Following are a couple of things that I see daily, and that make my heart chuckle with joy (Again, for no particular reason):

• Kids in oversized school uniforms. I hated being dressed in oversized clothes as a kid, but they appear oh so adorable now. 😀

• Elderly women listening to music using earphones. No reason why.




Till Next Time,

Stay happy 🙂



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