The sick leave

You know, times when you’re not terminally ill, but you’re unwell enough to be a snob, spread germs and be absolutely unproductive at work? Well, its a talent to even identify ourselves in that state most of the time. This morning was one of those times for me and so I decided to call in sick. Calling in sick is one of my least favourite things to do. You’re health goes tumbling down the drain if you decide to go ahead to office and the illness mysteriously disappears by mid-day if you stay back at home. Its a tricky gamble which has to certain formulae to determine the probabilities.

I have always hated missing school/college/work on the basis of poor health. It simply doesn’t feel right. I would love to have more authority on when I want to go work and when I don’t. My parents would always have to plead me to take a day off and most of the times I would just go to school(or wherever) with a paracetamol tablet in my bag. “Take it after food, if you’re still feeling feverish and drink lots of hot water.”, mum would say.

I have whole hearted admiration for people who know how to enquire about another’s health without annoying them. I certainly do not have that talent and end up advising them on taking medicines or visiting the doctor, which many others would have already done, and as a result, add up to their irritation. Also, I strongly believe that ‘How are you?’ Is the most overused, yet underrated question of all times. Not many would be asking that question to you with genuine concern. If you do know people who do, feel blessed and answer them politely.

So yes, so far, today has been about sleeping, more sleeping, medicine-after-food, hot water, pretence sleeping, excessive use of the nose blowing & puking face (or jealous face? I don’t know) emoticons on WhatsApp, observing the sneezes faintly vanish and watching a couple of Kenny Sebastian videos, because obviously, laughter is the best medicine.

Have a lovely evening 🙂


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