The world is a wonder ball.

We see a million faces, watch a few thousand of them and recognise hundreds. We acknowledge a few of those too. A hello, a handshake, a hug, a smile or a fake smile. We are fond of some and detest some others. Faces of people known and unknown, drawing our attention for reasons unexplained.

From a very young age, we are introduced to a concept called Strangers. A strange strange concept called strangers. ‘Do not talk to strangers’, ‘Do not go to a stranger’s house’, ‘do not open the doors for a strange’, ‘Do not take chocolates from strangers’…

There is this tremendous pressure to remember faces and names. To make it harder, faces and their respective names. To be able to distinguish the strange from the less strange. As we grow up, we try to come in terms with the unknown; slowly studying them, while unwrapping ourselves cautiously. The more you know some faces, the stranger they appear. Oh so familiar, oh so strange.

The word Stranger has an unusual ring to it. An alarm. A warning to be at your own guard. Some of us pay attention to it and some of us choose to love beyond the uncommon. Exploring strangeness to learn, at times be disappointed and at times to surprise ourselves. Strangers become family and we become aware of strangenesses in our own families. Sometimes, dear ones become complete strangers, leaving us unfamiliar with ourselves. Some other times, random strangers make us realise the most valuable things about our existence.

The world, my friend, is a wonder ball.


Till next time,

Keep exploring the strangeness in you.