In search of

So I had some time to spare and wanted to waste it. Yes, you read that right, waste it. I decided to Google the most random things are see what would be in store me. Google to us is a platform for many many many queries of our. We get answers for questions that would have been running in our minds for hours & days together, within seconds. Better still, Google works decently even in super slow internet conditions. Such a winner this Google is. I wasn’t looking for answers though. I typed in words in our beloved search engine, so simply see what it had to say. Here I present to you: In search of nothing.

  1. where does

    Surprisingly, I do not know the answers to any. The first question isn’t even valid, anyway.

  2. who is
    You wouldn’t want to know the answer to the 4th question, believe me.
  3. what is a
    Because fidget spinners are as important as any other elements in the universe.
  4. tell me
    Well played, Google. Very well played.
  5. food is
    One thing that no search engine or force in the world can lie about.
  6. twinkle
    She is clearly more popular than the very first thing we learnt at school
  7. how did
    Asking questions that actually help none is just human, isn’t it.
  8. gravity can
    So there are two kinds of people. Ones who think, and…
  9. gravity cant

Just when I thought I had successfully wasted time, I released that I hadn’t. Any time that results in you leaning something isn’t waste. This silly search activity of mine just made me understand that each one has their own priorities. What seems silly to me, may mean the world to someone else.(Still not sure of the 2nd search query, though 😀 )

Judge none and  you’ll find that awesomeness lies everywhere. 🙂

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling



The world is a wonder ball.

We see a million faces, watch a few thousand of them and recognise hundreds. We acknowledge a few of those too. A hello, a handshake, a hug, a smile or a fake smile. We are fond of some and detest some others. Faces of people known and unknown, drawing our attention for reasons unexplained.

From a very young age, we are introduced to a concept called Strangers. A strange strange concept called strangers. ‘Do not talk to strangers’, ‘Do not go to a stranger’s house’, ‘do not open the doors for a strange’, ‘Do not take chocolates from strangers’…

There is this tremendous pressure to remember faces and names. To make it harder, faces and their respective names. To be able to distinguish the strange from the less strange. As we grow up, we try to come in terms with the unknown; slowly studying them, while unwrapping ourselves cautiously. The more you know some faces, the stranger they appear. Oh so familiar, oh so strange.

The word Stranger has an unusual ring to it. An alarm. A warning to be at your own guard. Some of us pay attention to it and some of us choose to love beyond the uncommon. Exploring strangeness to learn, at times be disappointed and at times to surprise ourselves. Strangers become family and we become aware of strangenesses in our own families. Sometimes, dear ones become complete strangers, leaving us unfamiliar with ourselves. Some other times, random strangers make us realise the most valuable things about our existence.

The world, my friend, is a wonder ball.

Till next time,

Keep exploring the strangeness in you.


Our names; the first and the most obvious forms of our identity. We do not get to choose it (at least not most of us), and yet we associate ourselves with it so fondly (again, most of us). I often look at random people and try to guess their names. You know, judging, simply practising my role of being a human being. I do not recall a single time having guessed anyone’s name right.

I cannot recall how I learn to spell my name, but I am sure that our names are what we learnt to spell the easiest. I keep asking people for the meaning of their names and try relating it to their personalities. Not many parents can predict the future even approximately, let us say. 😉

And the there are common and uncommon names. Each name has a beauty of its own. Had it not sounded so nice, it wouldn’t have been so common. Also, had it not been uncommon, it wouldn’t have sounded so special.

We take pride in being able to create an e-mail or user id with purely the usage of our names and not having added funny prefixes or suffixes. Besides having an apparent ‘rare’ name, I haven’t had that privilege yet.

And that takes it to my name. There is a little story behind my name. Before I was born, my mum was told my various sources (turns out, unreliable ones) that her second child would be a boy. She being a devotee of Lord Shiva, planned on naming her son Shiva. And then, I was born, a girl, obviously. She had to manipulate the name. Hence, Shivali. Throughout my childhood, if anyone would ask me for the meaning of my name, I would simply say that it has something to do with Lord Shiva. That was what I was told, after all. Eventually, I looked up for the meaning of my name and confirmed that it does indeed have something do with Lord Shiva. Its another name for Goddess Parvathi: the beloved of Lord Shiva, it means. Ah! The relief. I would be living in deep guilt for having lied throughout my childhood, otherwise.

What’s in a name you ask? A lot, I would say. If you do not believe so, try not responding to people calling you by your name for a day at least.

So what’s the story behind your name?


Timeless times

“Be back by 6”, my mum would say as I would run out of the back door after having completed my homework, (to think of it now) bizarre self invented games and evening snacks. “Okay”, I would mutter and run to call my friends out of their houses.Did I even know what 6 o clock meant, though? Another phenomenon that would always amuse me was that of alarms. They were to be set and they would go off accordingly. Oh the mysteries of childhood! Digital watches were a major savior in the first few years of relatively sane childhood. And then I learnt the ways of the clock! “60 seconds in a minutes, 60 minutes in an house. Hour hand on 1 and minute hand on 12; 1 o clock!”, I had mastered the art of reading time. Or had I? Have any of us ever?

The concept of time confuses me. We own it and yet we don’t. Some of us have plenty of it and some of us have none of it. And that again, is just a matter of time. The things that we most want to do seem to be very conveniently feasible when we’re caught with other tasks and they’re simply impossible to accomplish when we have all the time in the world.We’re told to optimize our utilization of time and told that it is all a matter of our priorities. Well, it is, isn’t it? Or is it?

Time has a beautiful way of showing us what really matters to us and what doesn’t. Time changes people and people change with time. Theory of relativity can indeed be best defined with time; Time runs when you’re doing what you love and time simply doesn’t move when you need to get out of an undesirable situation.

We’re all supposed to be engineers, artists and architects of our own destiny and we most definitely are. And yet, time has its own slimy ways to creep in and tell us stories that can be read only when they arrive at our footstep. You make time and time makes you, its not an or. Times guides us to write our own stories and then narrates it back to us. That’s the beauty of it.


Till next time,

Make time 🙂

The sick leave

You know, times when you’re not terminally ill, but you’re unwell enough to be a snob, spread germs and be absolutely unproductive at work? Well, its a talent to even identify ourselves in that state most of the time. This morning was one of those times for me and so I decided to call in sick. Calling in sick is one of my least favourite things to do. You’re health goes tumbling down the drain if you decide to go ahead to office and the illness mysteriously disappears by mid-day if you stay back at home. Its a tricky gamble which has to certain formulae to determine the probabilities.

I have always hated missing school/college/work on the basis of poor health. It simply doesn’t feel right. I would love to have more authority on when I want to go work and when I don’t. My parents would always have to plead me to take a day off and most of the times I would just go to school(or wherever) with a paracetamol tablet in my bag. “Take it after food, if you’re still feeling feverish and drink lots of hot water.”, mum would say.

I have whole hearted admiration for people who know how to enquire about another’s health without annoying them. I certainly do not have that talent and end up advising them on taking medicines or visiting the doctor, which many others would have already done, and as a result, add up to their irritation. Also, I strongly believe that ‘How are you?’ Is the most overused, yet underrated question of all times. Not many would be asking that question to you with genuine concern. If you do know people who do, feel blessed and answer them politely.

So yes, so far, today has been about sleeping, more sleeping, medicine-after-food, hot water, pretence sleeping, excessive use of the nose blowing & puking face (or jealous face? I don’t know) emoticons on WhatsApp, observing the sneezes faintly vanish and watching a couple of Kenny Sebastian videos, because obviously, laughter is the best medicine.

Have a lovely evening 🙂

Not A Sad Post

I happen to be strong believer of the notion that one can always be happy if they want to. Its all about the small joys and there a million zillion gazillion things around us that can make us smile. Yet, very often I find myself become gloomy because of unnecessary sympathising. Why unnecessary you ask? Well, the following is a list of incidents/occurances that (for no valid reason) made/make me sad.

• Yesterday morning, while walking over the sky walk to my office, I saw a Gulab jamun spilt with its container beside it. It was such a painful sight. Whoever would have bought it, would have bought it such joy to eat it. (No, I didn’t think of hungry people who do not get to eat these luxuries at that point)

• When I see Sardarjis riding bikes. They cannot wear helmets. Yes, their pagdis are probably capable of protecting them, but I always feel that they deserve the protection provided by a solid helmet too

• The day I realised that animals will never know how much they weigh. Or for that matter, so many many things about themselves that we are very well aware about ourselves of.

• Mugs with broken handles make me super sad too. They become buckets who do not even serve the purpose of buckets. They’re just nobody. Simply a pain to people trying to pour water or whatever out of them. No, its not an OCD of sorts. Its just the pain of watching something become useless.

• Stray dogs asking for chocolate. Well, they obviously do not know that its chocolate. Its hard when you’re eating a chocolate on the road and a dog comes by, wagging its tail, watching you with needy eyes and all you can do is walk away. Its having to decline their request without being able to tell them why. Rejection hurts. Rejection without reasons is all the more worse. They’re sad because they didn’t get the food and I am sad because I cannot tell them Why I didn’t give it to them.

The list is a very long one and can get unpleasant too. It must be stopped. Everyone deserves a happy ending, so does this post. Following are a couple of things that I see daily, and that make my heart chuckle with joy (Again, for no particular reason):

• Kids in oversized school uniforms. I hated being dressed in oversized clothes as a kid, but they appear oh so adorable now. 😀

• Elderly women listening to music using earphones. No reason why.




Till Next Time,

Stay happy 🙂


I Amuse Me

A lazy sunny afternoon calls for self exploration, or simply a lovely nap. Since no nap seem to be heading towards me, I decided to launch myself in front of the internet and let it take me places. Ta da! It took me to  my Twitter. ( )

Turns out, I used to quite an interesting Twitteratti. Its been almost an year since I last logged onto it, I am pretty surprised that I got the password right in the first go. *pats self*

For starters, the account looks something like this:


I am not even sure if I fully understood, or even understand most of the things I have posted. Mind you, they’re originals. I didn’t have the patience to run through my entire timeline, but following are some Tweets that I posted and found very interesting.

  1. Well, nothing has changed


2.  I am pretty sure that I am not the only one


3. Irrespective of time, either


4. I cannot recall who this is 😀


5.  🙂 So true4

6. Oh dear BMTC. Its about time that I be offered free rides for the number of times I have mentioned you on social media.


7. I do not remember being this funny


8. Lets just say that I have always been a quick learner


9. Agreed


10. Oh wise me


11. Yes


12. Do not become anyone else. Ever


13. 😀


14. Every single time


15. 🙂



And then I didn’t have the patience to scroll any further.

If you fail to amuse yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?


Till Next Time,

Stay Amused. 🙂