In search of

So I had some time to spare and wanted to waste it. Yes, you read that right, waste it. I decided to Google the most random things are see what would be in store me. Google to us is a platform for many many many queries of our. We get answers for questions that would have been running in our minds for hours & days together, within seconds. Better still, Google works decently even in super slow internet conditions. Such a winner this Google is. I wasn’t looking for answers though. I typed in words in our beloved search engine, so simply see what it had to say. Here I present to you: In search of nothing.

  1. where does

    Surprisingly, I do not know the answers to any. The first question isn’t even valid, anyway.

  2. who is
    You wouldn’t want to know the answer to the 4th question, believe me.
  3. what is a
    Because fidget spinners are as important as any other elements in the universe.
  4. tell me
    Well played, Google. Very well played.
  5. food is
    One thing that no search engine or force in the world can lie about.
  6. twinkle
    She is clearly more popular than the very first thing we learnt at school
  7. how did
    Asking questions that actually help none is just human, isn’t it.
  8. gravity can
    So there are two kinds of people. Ones who think, and…
  9. gravity cant

Just when I thought I had successfully wasted time, I released that I hadn’t. Any time that results in you leaning something isn’t waste. This silly search activity of mine just made me understand that each one has their own priorities. What seems silly to me, may mean the world to someone else.(Still not sure of the 2nd search query, though 😀 )

Judge none and  you’ll find that awesomeness lies everywhere. 🙂

Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling


Thought Chutney

We cry over little things, don’t we?

We cry over places that we are leaving behind.

We cry over things that turned from have to had.

We cry over losing money.

We cry over people who wouldn’t notice a smile missing from our face.

We cry over dams that were once bridges.

We cry over slow internet.

We cry over fiction.

We cry over our own mistakes.

We cry over crimes committed on us.

We cry over things that shall never be ours again.

We cry over people who were never ours.


Is it all worth the worry? Our eyes don’t merely tear when we cry, we’re tearing ourselves apart within.

The past is the past for a reason and space is scarce in one’s life. Open that little window and let worry take wings to fly out and diffuse. People and things must earn to make it to your life, shouldn’t they? If someone is in your past, the chances are, they deserve to stay there.

No place worth going has a shortcut, your sphere of joy being the first venue.