From Nitte

My room is in boxes and  bags now. The time has arrived. I am vacating from Nitte. 4 years of learning, vibrant experiences and innumerable moments to remember. August 2010 seems like a few months ago. 😀
They have been lovely four years and I am overflowing with gratitude as I type this. Thank you Nitte. Thank you for every thing.

Thank you for making me technical competent.

Thank you for the amazing people you have introduced me to.

Thank you for the testing moments that have just helped me find myself.

Thank you for putting an end to what seemed like a flow of never ending exams. 😀 (Be kind with the final results too, please?)

Thank you for letting me be a part of ‘Royal Mech’, a phrase true to every alphabet in that phrase. B-)

Thank you for all the life lessons.

Thank you for all the entertainment; may it be via fests of crappy spelling mistakes on hotel menus.

Thank you to the faulty ATMs that ensured I would take a walk, my only source of work-out.

Thank you for your Tuesday power cuts. A day with electricity only made us more creative.

Thank you for the Sunday Curfews. 😀

Thank you to Harish Anna’s Puri-bhaji, BCD’s Fruit Salad and Hard Rock’s (Shabari’s) egg roll. 😀 (Not sure if I will miss you, but still 😛 )

Thank you for the college bus rides that served as a stiff competition to the local trains of Mumbai and were yet so enjoyable.

Thank you to the once dusty roads that made sure everybody would bathe and wash their clothes daily. (If only that applied to all. 😛 )

Thank you for UNO time. 😉

Thank you to our teachers who defined these four years for us. 🙂

Thank you to the assignments that meant no surprise test and to the pre-announced ‘surprise’ tests too. 😀

Thank you for super fast internet. B-)

Thank you for being the safe place that you are. 🙂

Thank you to those who helped me become what I am, directly or indirectly. (Sounds familiar to the last line of my Acknowledgements page from our project report.)

Thank you for shaping my future.


The list is virtually endless and I do not want to make it sound senti-metal. I would rather stop 😀

Things definitely won’t be the same anymore. Waking up early in the morning to board the college bus was certainly hard, but that made meeting people everyday at Nitte so easy. The same may not be applicable hence forth. We are going to get busy and that’s just a good thing. The memories from this place, shall stay with us for ever. Treasures that will only mature with time.

For those who are gonna question me about how I changed my mind etc etc? I am still very glad that its over and over so soon. Had it been even fractionally slower, I wouldn’t have liked it this much.

Because time flies and you are not superman. 😉

Fingers crossed for our finals results. Thanking and wishing all my peers pots of luck! 🙂


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.



Which Branch Are You In?

I am well past the stage of having to explain to people why I chose the stream of Mechanical Engineering. Out of 10 people who ask me the same question, at least 8 of them would be asking just because they can’t think of anything else to ask and think it is good way to do small talk. As I was typing the previous sentence, I told by self that 8 out to ten can be simplified and expressed as 4 out of  5. This is what engineering has done to me. Well, it’s not a complain. I am very grateful to it rather. Since I have a million things lined up to do and I feel like doing absolutely none of them, I thought I would make a list of questions I have been posed with and that continue to shoot themselves in my directions via so many people on regular basis regarding my choice of stream.


Question: Why did you choose Mechanical?

Answer I wish to give: It is a pretty word right; m-e-c-h-a-n-i-c-a-l.  It sounded so fancy, that’s why.

Answer  I give: Well, I have always been interested in production and Mechanical simply adds so much more to it. *sigh*

Question: Aren’t the labs very hard?

Answer I wish to give:  Oh no, they are made out of foam and are super soft.

Answer I give: No, they are alright. Forging lab was challenging, n=but not something one can’t manage. *quick smile*

Question: Why are you wearing your workshop uniform, you have lab?

Answer I wish to give:  No, simply. I like it.

Answer I give: No, simply, I like it. (Yes, I do say that! At least some times.)

Question: Don’t you get bored to sit alone in class?

Answer I wish to give:  Yes yaar. I get soooo bored. *over dramatize*  I miss you soooo much. (If that’s what you are expecting.)

Answer I give: No, I don’t get bored. I am okay with it.  

Question: How are you classmate?

Answer I wish to give:  Well, most are taller than me. Some are short. Some are fair, some are dusky. Some are thin, some are fat. Anything else that you would want to know?

Answer I give: They are fine. Most are very friendly and fun loving.

Question: What do you want to do after engineering?

Answer I wish to give:  Oh I want to become a software engineer. No no, painter. No, I want to become a chef.  Or maybe I will become a golfer. I might as well become a astrologer.  OF COURSE I WANT TO CONTINUE IN MY FIELD!

Answer I give: I want to work in the mechanical stream. *flashes modest smile*

Question: *upon seeing my text books of theory subjects such as MP, IC, Automotive etc* How do you study all this?

Answer I wish to give:  Well, at least I don’t have to by heart codes.

Answer I give: I try my best.

Question:  Do many core companies visit your campus for recruitments?

Answer I wish to give:  No, the company doesn’t have legs to walk and come by themselves. They usually send their technical and HR personnel.

Answer I give: Yes, some do. It isn’t the same count every year though.

Question: How are the subjects in mechanical?

Answer I wish to give:  Very colourful. They feel like a mixture of Holi and Diwali. Sometimes they are full on stories like Ramayana and other times they are only problems like Saas-Bahu serials.

Answer I give: they are alright. Once you understand them, they are not very hard. But understanding may not happen right away.

Question: You must be feeling very different to be a girl in Mech right?

Answer I wish to give: As far as I can see, I don’t think I much different from any girl in any stream.

Answer I give: I am a girl in Mechanical. Girl first, mechanical next. So, No. (This is a fixed answer I have been rehearsing over  the years.)

Well, well, well. I should just stop now. If you’ve read through all of it, paint me surprised. 😀


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


Morning Walk. Mental Talk.

Maybe I do not have anything to say. Maybe i have way too much to say and can’t figure out which of it is worthy of being written about. Oh whom am I kidding. I am outright lazy!

My apologies for not having been very regular here. (Not that you have been waiting, but still, i am going to assume so to please myself.)

A couple of days back, a friend of mine and I were walking along the roads of Nitte on our very irregular morning walks. We a;ways make it a point to choose any random direction and move in that direction for about 20 minutes as briskly as we can and then turn about and return. Luckily for us the weather has been just perfect for a morning walk; not very cold, neither hot and hence no feeling all gooey and sticky (Or maybe we aren’t walking quick enough. Whatever may it be.). So yes, we walked in the direction of Belman for about 20 minutes and explored the interiors of Halekatte when we looked at our watches and learnt it was time for us to head back. Trucks loaded with jelly stones were heading towards Belman, making the road dustier than ever and there we were, complaining, being absolutely helpless while bathing in the dust. As we moved ahead, the dust cloud cleared and were able to breathe comfortable again. A few dogs we barking in our direction and my friend began walking quickly to escape from them. I giggled as I always find it funny, to a certain extent stupid when people are afraid of dogs. I asked her to slow down and said that walking quickly would only worsen things for her if the dogs were to do anything. She slowed down. Within a minute or so, a few other dogs began barking at us, louder this time. My friend was petrified and began walking quickly again. Upon asking her to slow down, she held on to me like how a squirrel would cling on to the bark of the tree. It was then that I said her, “Relax, they won’t do anything. they are dogs, not humans.” . At that moment, the intensity of what I had said so casually didn’t strike me. After a few minutes when my friend and I gave it a thought, we did stare at each other with a hundred virtual question marks revolving round our head.

It is ironic how our fellow humans are our best friends and can be our worst enemies too. People do not belong to each other and can be so cruel to each other. Can we just be good to one another? Harm isn’t a pretty word and is a worse gesture.



Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


Table Top

Here I sit in my room. Hundreds of things running in my head and yet there is a strange kind of void. I can’t think of why I feel the way I am feeling. So yes, I quickly switch on my laptop and I am going to type the first five things I see when I lift my gaze from right where I am sitting. Here I go!


1)      Mickey Mouse’s ears:  Two gigantic ears of dear Mickey peeking out from a Snowhite cover. We had been to the annual church feast at Attur yesterday and the roommate bought a wall hanging/3-d Sticker/whatever you call it for the little cousin. It is resting inside a white plastic bag since we got back yesterday. It isn’t going to be a permanent resident of this room, perhaps the element that shall leave the room earlier than most others, maybe that’s why I noticed it first.

2)      My pink water bottle: This is one of those ‘buy one get one free’ water bottle we get at Big Bazar. There is, say 50ml water remaining in the bottle. The first thing I must do after I type this up is to go to the hall and fill it up. Yes sir! Well, as I said ‘ buy one get one free’, this bottle has a blue colour twin who is resting inside the bag above my cupboard. No, I didn’t choose pink and blue on purpose.

3)      Air tight container: Well, this is our snacks container. More like half eaten packets of biscuits and Chakkulis container. Right now, there is a packet of Chakkulis with probably 3 Chakkulis in it, a half eaten packet of Hide n’ Seek cookies and two Bourbon biscuits. *mentally makes a note to gobble these down before opening anything else*

4)      Hit: Yes, Hit Cockroach killing spray. About three months back, we had a bad time with cockroaches appearing from all possible entrances to our room. So one fine evening, we set out at 7.45 PM, walked about half a kilometre and came back with this bottle of Hit. That very evening, we closed all windows, sprayed hit, locked the door from the outside and went to the terrace. We returned after an hour to find a carpet of unconscious cockroaches on our floor. Oh that was one tiring clean up session! But yes, Hit did help us a lot, A LOT!

5)      Bricks in the ventilator: A room is provided with a vent for decent air flow which is very essential. The monkeys around our PG definitely do not think so. Monkey Menace was very frequent issue in the first floor of our PG and we the residents of the ground floor never bothered about it. Until, yes, until the day they invaded out neighbour’s room and sabotaged snacks, spilled the dustbin and disturbed most elements in the room. So as a precautionary measure, I have placed four bricks, which I hope are heavy enough for a monkey to not be able to push, in our vent. I do miss the rays of artificial light from the PG opposite to ours g that used to form a lovely rectangle on our wall late a night.

Random enough?



Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


*Heads to Aqua guard with pink bottle* 😀

Yet Another

Another semester walks by me. My 7th semester exams ended today and I all I can ask for is decent results. Could you wish for the same for me, please?

People around me are claiming to have mixed feelings. That they’re happy that it’s over but they are going to miss it when it’s over. I had been told similar things by many of my seniors whenever I would tell them that I can’t wait to be done with my engineering. They would tell me that I would realise something around seventh semester that would make me want the eighth semester to last forever. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I haven’t felt of that kind yet. I still can’t wait for be done with my engineering ASAP. I like this place, I like most of the people around and yet I can’t wait to get away from all of it. But old ways never open new doors and maybe that’s where I am going wrong. So could you suggest me new angles to look at it from? Thank you. 🙂


I read this beautiful piece a couple of weeks back and haven’t been able to get over it yet,

“What they don’t understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one. And when you wake up on your eleventh birthday you expect to feel eleven, but you don’t. You open your eyes and everything’s just like yesterday, only it’s today. And you don’t feel eleven at all. You feel like you’re still ten. And you are — underneath the year that makes you eleven. 

Like some days you might say something stupid, and that’s the part of you that’s still ten. Or maybe some days you might need to sit on your mama’s lap because you’re scared, and that’s the part of you that’s five. And maybe one day when you’re all grown up maybe you will need to cry like if you’re three, and that’s okay. That’s what I tell Mama when she’s sad and needs to cry. Maybe she’s feeling three. 

Because the way you grow old is kind of like an onion or like the rings inside a tree trunk or like my little wooden dolls that fit one inside the other, each year inside the next one. That’s how being eleven years old is.”

-Sandra Cisneros

So 2013 is coming to an end and I have an endless list to be thankful to. A list that I started making without my own knowledge many many years back. I certainly do not want to bore you with it. All I can say is that learning isn’t half as bad as the sound of it. This world is a beautiful place, I just hope we manage to dust off all the dirt that has accumulated over the years on it. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching and I guess that’s what defines us. 🙂

In other news, I was about to bring out my answer sheet with me during one of my exams. Oh my absent mindedness. I must do something about that. This is just a  note to the self. 


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


Keep Smiling.

An Afternoon In Annex

A little over an hour back, I sat in the air conditioned library of my college because, frankly, I had no where else to be. Or at least that is what I told myself. While I sat there, I began writing randomly and this is what I ended up with.

 Words Observe 

This is not a poem; this is not a note,

It’s a cluster of words that I scribble with no intentions to promote.

Eighteen tables and thirty six chairs,

People sitting and studying in pairs.

Today isn’t one of those eventful days for me,

I am peacefully free like I have always wanted to be.

A pinch of guilt stings for killing time like this,

But hey, I wouldn’t complain, for me, this is bliss.

Silent whispers and petty gestures,

That defines one of the many library textures.

Hair clips and hair bands, straight hair and curly,

Guys with hair that are in no way girly.

I look around the reading room as I jot this down,

I smile at the librarian and all he does is frown.

The AC switches are on but the room temperature suggests otherwise,

There is no one to answer my what’s and why’s.

Maybe I should stop this mindless babbling right here,

I write this as I wave to my peer.

Don’t judge me because I am killing something this precious,

Time has it’s funny ways, sweet and treacherous.

The turning over of pages and zipping of bags,

The librarian’s constant warnings to students to sport their ID tags.

Perhaps it is time for me to make a move; pack up and leave,

Ah all this rhyming makes me feel so naive.


Back I am with my dear buddy, the internet, whom i can’t thank enough for this virtual space.


Have a nice day y’all! 🙂 

A Weekend Post

Because being a regular blogger is too mainstream? Absolutely not. Because I have been a little preoccupied and more so, very lazy? Oh yes!

Diwali was fun. Lights and laughter, new outfits and jewelry, and above all, good food! We can all hope for a lovely year ahead. (How many new years do we have in a year? Is Diwali even considered as beginning of a year? Meh!)

College commenced mid way this week. My highlight of the entire week occurred on two consecutive days; Wednesday and Thursday. 

On Wednesday evening, my friend and I decided to go drink one of our favorite, most refreshing drinks we get around this place; Bonda Juice (Sugar in tender coconut water with bits of coconut cream, chilled.) We have to walk quite some distance from where we stay for that, and we do not mind that. We walked all the way, on the way saw a couple of drunk men fighting like mad cattle, drank our juice and were on our way back. We were near Nameless (A name we gave to a small hotel, attached to a house, which doesn’t really have a name. If you happen to visit Nitte, it is right opposite to 7 Bees. The Puri-bhaji and Pulav will not disappoint you. Some refer to it as ‘Mane oota’ (Home made food) and some others by the name of it’s owner; Harish Anna’s). So yes. As we were walking, we could hear a faint voice, “Akka! Hi!”. We had no plans of going to Nameless that day. I noticed that the super cute girl we often see in the house when we go there to eat, was standing by the door. We have been seeing her from about 2 years now, she might be 3 years old now. Believe me, she is absolutely adorable! “Hi!”, I waved back.

” Heg iddiya?” (How are you?), I inquired.  She flashed a smile but said nothing. She noticed that we were walking past her and that we wouldn’t be eating at her place today.

Immediately, she said, “Akka, naale baani!” (Akka, do come tomorrow.) .

“Aaythu. Neenu naale irthiya alva?” (Okay. You’ll be here tomorrow right?), I asked.

“Haudu.” (Yes.), she said.

“Aaythu, naale barthene. Bye!” (Okay, I will come tomorrow.)

“Bye!”, she said.

It felt nice to talk to her. Specially so because she had initiated the conversation. Not many  3 year old kids would be doing that, would they?


The next day, Thursday, I was determined to go have something at Nameless. Alas! It was thundering like there were a heavy metal concert going on up in the sky. But hey, I had to go, I had said the kid that I would. About 6 o clock, the thunder was receding and I dragged my friends along with me. We entered the little hotel and we could see the little girl dressed in orange jumping like a rubber ball.

She ran in and we could hear her, “Maama! Maama! Maama! Akka bantu!” (Uncle! Uncle! Uncle! Akka has come!). That was  c u t e ! 😀 🙂

“Hi!”, my friends and I waved in sync to her. She smiled for a fraction of a second and ran inside again. We placed our order and sat waiting for it. She didn’t come to us at all. Oh she way busy!

“Maama phone!” , she could come with a ringing cell phone and handed it to her uncle.

“Akka mooru chapati” (Akka, 3 chapatis), she would carry her uncle’s instructions from the kitchen to the room where her elder sister, cousin perhaps, was rolling the chapatis.

I had my coffee and egg burji (Not a very conventional combination, but I like that), my friend got her puri-bhaji parcel and it was time for us to leave. The little one was nowhere to be seen. We stood for a minute and she didn’t come out. It was getting dark outside and we decided to leave. Just as we walked a few steps outside the hotel door, we could hear her, “Akka bye!”, she was standing by the door.

“Bye bye!”, we all said. She ran inside again.


That was some sweet experience for me. The past few days in college haven’t been very pretty; crappy marks in lab and a seminar followed by questions that had no answers, but this made up for it all!


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.