Timeless times

“Be back by 6”, my mum would say as I would run out of the back door after having completed my homework, (to think of it now) bizarre self invented games and evening snacks. “Okay”, I would mutter and run to call my friends out of their houses.Did I even know what 6 o clock meant, though? Another phenomenon that would always amuse me was that of alarms. They were to be set and they would go off accordingly. Oh the mysteries of childhood! Digital watches were a major savior in the first few years of relatively sane childhood. And then I learnt the ways of the clock! “60 seconds in a minutes, 60 minutes in an house. Hour hand on 1 and minute hand on 12; 1 o clock!”, I had mastered the art of reading time. Or had I? Have any of us ever?

The concept of time confuses me. We own it and yet we don’t. Some of us have plenty of it and some of us have none of it. And that again, is just a matter of time. The things that we most want to do seem to be very conveniently feasible when we’re caught with other tasks and they’re simply impossible to accomplish when we have all the time in the world.We’re told to optimize our utilization of time and told that it is all a matter of our priorities. Well, it is, isn’t it? Or is it?

Time has a beautiful way of showing us what really matters to us and what doesn’t. Time changes people and people change with time. Theory of relativity can indeed be best defined with time; Time runs when you’re doing what you love and time simply doesn’t move when you need to get out of an undesirable situation.

We’re all supposed to be engineers, artists and architects of our own destiny and we most definitely are. And yet, time has its own slimy ways to creep in and tell us stories that can be read only when they arrive at our footstep. You make time and time makes you, its not an or. Times guides us to write our own stories and then narrates it back to us. That’s the beauty of it.


Till next time,

Make time 🙂


Which Branch Are You In?

I am well past the stage of having to explain to people why I chose the stream of Mechanical Engineering. Out of 10 people who ask me the same question, at least 8 of them would be asking just because they can’t think of anything else to ask and think it is good way to do small talk. As I was typing the previous sentence, I told by self that 8 out to ten can be simplified and expressed as 4 out of  5. This is what engineering has done to me. Well, it’s not a complain. I am very grateful to it rather. Since I have a million things lined up to do and I feel like doing absolutely none of them, I thought I would make a list of questions I have been posed with and that continue to shoot themselves in my directions via so many people on regular basis regarding my choice of stream.


Question: Why did you choose Mechanical?

Answer I wish to give: It is a pretty word right; m-e-c-h-a-n-i-c-a-l.  It sounded so fancy, that’s why.

Answer  I give: Well, I have always been interested in production and Mechanical simply adds so much more to it. *sigh*

Question: Aren’t the labs very hard?

Answer I wish to give:  Oh no, they are made out of foam and are super soft.

Answer I give: No, they are alright. Forging lab was challenging, n=but not something one can’t manage. *quick smile*

Question: Why are you wearing your workshop uniform, you have lab?

Answer I wish to give:  No, simply. I like it.

Answer I give: No, simply, I like it. (Yes, I do say that! At least some times.)

Question: Don’t you get bored to sit alone in class?

Answer I wish to give:  Yes yaar. I get soooo bored. *over dramatize*  I miss you soooo much. (If that’s what you are expecting.)

Answer I give: No, I don’t get bored. I am okay with it.  

Question: How are you classmate?

Answer I wish to give:  Well, most are taller than me. Some are short. Some are fair, some are dusky. Some are thin, some are fat. Anything else that you would want to know?

Answer I give: They are fine. Most are very friendly and fun loving.

Question: What do you want to do after engineering?

Answer I wish to give:  Oh I want to become a software engineer. No no, painter. No, I want to become a chef.  Or maybe I will become a golfer. I might as well become a astrologer.  OF COURSE I WANT TO CONTINUE IN MY FIELD!

Answer I give: I want to work in the mechanical stream. *flashes modest smile*

Question: *upon seeing my text books of theory subjects such as MP, IC, Automotive etc* How do you study all this?

Answer I wish to give:  Well, at least I don’t have to by heart codes.

Answer I give: I try my best.

Question:  Do many core companies visit your campus for recruitments?

Answer I wish to give:  No, the company doesn’t have legs to walk and come by themselves. They usually send their technical and HR personnel.

Answer I give: Yes, some do. It isn’t the same count every year though.

Question: How are the subjects in mechanical?

Answer I wish to give:  Very colourful. They feel like a mixture of Holi and Diwali. Sometimes they are full on stories like Ramayana and other times they are only problems like Saas-Bahu serials.

Answer I give: they are alright. Once you understand them, they are not very hard. But understanding may not happen right away.

Question: You must be feeling very different to be a girl in Mech right?

Answer I wish to give: As far as I can see, I don’t think I much different from any girl in any stream.

Answer I give: I am a girl in Mechanical. Girl first, mechanical next. So, No. (This is a fixed answer I have been rehearsing over  the years.)

Well, well, well. I should just stop now. If you’ve read through all of it, paint me surprised. 😀


Till Next Time,

Keep Smiling.


I Must Stop

Yesterday seemed to be a decently pleasant day. I wouldn’t define it as joyous, I would go with the word sweet. My day began to wrap up when I was waiting for my bus at the bus stop to  head back to my PG Room before our deadline. I had been waiting for about ten minutes and my bus showed no signs of showing up. I noticed a little boy, say 3 years old, walking towards where I was standing holding hands with his father. I noticed that the kid was cribbing about something and the father tried to console him in a voice as soft as possible. As he came closer, I could hear what he was saying. Not that I intended to listen to their conversation, I just could hear from where I was standing.

They were conversing in their (and my own) mother tongue Tulu.

“Appa. Bajel aapundu”, (Father, I am thirsty.), said the kid.

“Itthe bus barpundu. Jatthi boka parka.” (Our bus will be arrive in some time, once we get down, lets drink something), the dad consoled.

“Appa mast bajel apundu. Onji juice.” (Father, I am very thirst. One juice.). For a minute I thought the kid was making it up, kids do have a tendency to exaggerate to get their way through. But this guy sounded very genuine.

The father noticed that people around were now noticing the duo and stepped a little away from the crowd. 

The guy began stomping his feet and continued, “Appa, mast bajel apundu. Onji juice detth korle.” (Father, I am very thirst. Please buy me one juice). By now, I had began to feel for the guy. He sounded very restless and somehow, I knew he wasn’t making it up.

The father kept his calm and said, “Maga. Malle ijji. Itthe muttuva. Adha parka.” (Son, don’t work. We will reach in a while. We’ll drink then.”, though their bus hadn’t arrived yet.

The father lead the son and moved further away.

“Appa. Mast bajel apundu. Mast bajel apundu. Daalandala parka.” (Father, I am very thirsty. I am very thirsty. Lets drink anything.)

They father for a minute lost his calm and yelled, “Paniyatha, boka getth korpe andhu? Hata malpodchi. Manipande unthula!” (I told you right, I will be buying for you later. Don’t be stubborn. Stand quietly now!)

I had an urge to go buy a bottle of juice and give it to the boy. I was feeling that bad for him. But that just wouldn’t be right. It didn’t appear like the father was denying to buy the boy a bottle of juice because of financial constraints. At least that’s how it looked. But I am sure that the father would have had some reason. Maybe the guy wasn’t supposed to drink juices, health issues maybe. Maybe the guy was making it up. I couldn’t recognize it, but who am I? Obviously his father knows him the best. Or maybe it was financial issues after all. The one thing I learnt quite early is that never judge anyone by their looks. 

I continued to stand there as the guy continued to whine and the father kept consoling him to have patience as he moved away step by step from the crowd, becoming conscious that the kid was loud enough to be heard midst the racket of the national highway and chatter  of the innumerable people rushing around. 

I saw my bus coming round the corner and moved ahead to board it. I looked back for one last time to see the kid. He looked up with pleading eyes to his father and the father looked outstretched in the direction in which the bus they were waiting for would be coming from perhaps.

I boarded my bus and got what I refer to as the ‘Side seat’, the one beside the driver. The entire episode ran in my head again. Deep inside I felt very bad, for no apparent reason. It was then that I realized, I sympathize too much. Maybe, I sympathize unnecessarily. I must really stop that.


Till Next Time.


Tell Me Who


Tell Me Why- books have enlightened and left the younger me in awe more than any classroom session ever could. Just as I see the old copy given to me by my UKG  teacher sitting intact in its place in its ripe old age, A virtual, thought provoking rubber ball is thrown at me; Tell Me Who? Who am I? Who are you?

Thanks to the Theory of Relativity, answering the question isn’t as painfully hard.

TV  series are an integreal part of all of our lives. We laugh with them, we rant with them, we wait for them and we cry with them. We might as well look at ourselves as them.

I think of Modern Family and tell myself that I am a combination of Claire and Luke, obsessively compulsive at times and incredibly stupid at some other point. I see Friends and think I am Monica to a certain extent, stubborn yet understating. The Sipmsons make me feel like I were Lisa Simpson.

And then it starts clearing out; The Big Bang Theory. We’re all of them. All of us!

Dr. Sheldon Cooper : You wouldn’t agree, but hey, we all do have a bit of him in us. We like things our way. We like getting out things getting done by others. We are all adamant. At least at some point, we have told ourselves that we are mightier than others and that My Way is The High Way.  Getting irritated when one doesn’t seem to understand you is natural too. Sure he is the extremes of it all, maybe we are a diluted Sheldon.

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter: A little lame at times and yet sensible. We do give in and times and explode when our limits are tested. Being open to new ideas and yet keeping in touch with his nerdy self, Leonard is an adorable character. All of us can be adorable once a while, right? At least most of us any way.

Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali: We are have a side of us that thoroughly enjoys the self. A phobia or inability is inevident. We do game on our own weakenesses at times too. Koothappali tells  how any intelligent, hard working person can manage to have a personal self that’s so relaxed and fun loving. A little over the top, once a while, perhaps.

Howard Wolowitz: We can all be annoying. In fact, we do manage to annoy ourselves too, unless of course you are one hell of a snob. We love attention, the right attention, we all have a child within. An achiever rests within all of us.

We’re all of them in addition to serveral other characters including ourselves. the magnitude of each of the; Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard vary, the proportions are not constant. Yet, we are each one of them. At least, I found myself in them.


 Till Next Time

Laugh Your Heart Out